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Weekly Review: Fill the text from imported post or from marctomarket.com

On Saturday or Sunday a post comes from Chandler that is basis for our FX Weekly Review Example, or in the original site

Typical sentence “The US dollar turned in a mixed performance in the week after the UK decision to leave the EU.”

The task is to fill our Weekly Review page with text

That the team has prepared:

Weekly FX Review: Add Graphs and create new private Post

  • Improve the format of the text. The original text has many line breaks
  • Copy the excerpt
  • Move the chandler text parts into different sections of our FX Review, Here I give typical start sentence
  • USD/CHF fill the introduction section before the dollar index (see attachment)
  • US Dollar Index, Fill with text purely about dollar index Example start sentence: The US dollar had a good week.
  • Euro (EUR/USD), Example start sentence: The euro recovery from the Brexit shock
  • Yen (USD/JPY), Example start sentence: There has been no reprieve for the yen.
  • Sterling (GBP/USD)
  • Australian Dollar: AUD/USD: Example start Sentence: The Australian dollar gained around 0.8%
  • Canadian Dollar (USD/CAD), Example Start Sentence: The US dollar rose against the Canadian
  • Crude Oil, Example Start Sentence: Over the past month, the price of the light sweet August crude oil
  • US Treasuries: Example: Unable to stop buying of US bonds.
  • S&P500: Example: We had expected the S&P 500 to recover from the Brexit decline
  • Set the date to Sunday morning before 11 am

Chandler into weekly Review

- Click to enlarge

Merge Currency Tags

Euro Dollar

Australian Dollar – AUD $AUD

British Pound – GBP/USD

CAD –> Canadian Dollar


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