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Page no: S34


Our aim is to run the doc site inside Promoteauthor as a blog.

Sites and IPs

we keep the Swiss sites on one IP

  • snbchf   (nonprofit org)
  • georgedorgan
  • promoteauthor (profit org)
  • doc site, part of promoteauthor


and ecoblogs on the second IP (different c net)


Major Tasks for Doc Site Go-Live

  1. We move promoteauthor to the other IP (same as snbchf)
  2. We install a new template for the doc site (has already correct IP)
  3. the doc site will be documentation.promoteauthor.com or blog.promoteauthor.com
  4. We install stop words Pro on Doc site with newest words from Austrian
  5. we  run Stop Word, which will change all our URLs. We need to run the broken links plugin
  6. Sync: Based on these new URLs, we sync our task backlog table with the new URL of the pages
  7. Sync: We will also control that each doc page has an entry in the table and vice versa.
  8. We improve the doc pages so that they have:
    1. Featured image
    2. Excerpt
    3. Meta Desc
  9. We do a Google Go-Live for the doc site

Minor tasks


P1) Screenshot from snbchf for all our plugins

set featured image to this screenshot,

(if possible) write excerpt

OPEN for Plugin Go-Live


P2) Import author Otto


his site

and assign this page to him as author.


P3) Broken links and broken images on doc site

Broken images for example in Akimet page


P4) Import wordCamp Switzerland attendee page

into doc site





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