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Questions Answers

Who are our customers?


Small clients:

They are interested in the blog and content, not the features behind.

SEO Companies:
Potentially both are our customers.Small clients are main target group of clients, because this is every single small company all over the world.In the other hand SEO companies are niche which has a lot of money and they are tech guys, so they can be potential clients, too.


Real Customer Need

Is my idea something people really need? Really?

At the root of every successful and sustainable business is a solution – a solution that meets some basic human need or desire, one that solves a problem in a very niche area, or even one that fulfills a need we didn’t even know we had. It’s absolutely crucial from the second your idea is hatched that you’re doing actual research to challenge your assumptions about what you believe its need is.

A Fortune report indicates that 42 percent of startup founders pull a mea culpa and admit that the market wasn’t as hot for their idea as they initially thought. To avoid failing for this reason, you have find the “whitespace” in the market.


The product will save money to business owners and SEO companies. Every product, which will save money to the business is needed.

Almost every blog in a company website is dead, so there is need of such a service.

There are a lot of SEO agencies which are using spinning software.

One Customer Problem

Identify One Customer Problem that you will focus on with your startup. Write one paragraph about the chosen Customer Problem with as much detail as possible based on the validation work that you have done to date. Ensure that the One Customer Problem is a real pain or need to be faced by your target customers. Also write one paragraph about other Alternative Customer Problems that you examined and why you will not pursue them. If you are not sure and want to continue to test out multiple Customer Problems, email your Local Leaders and ask to be switched over to the Launch Track curriculum. (1 Hour)

Customer: EasyBacklinks


Problem: Customer’s website is too small and unknown to have more sales
Sub-problem 1: He is not ranked sufficiently well with Google as keywords related to ONYX.
Sub-problem 2: ONYX as material for lamps is not known.

This is a typical for any SEO client.

We are still following two customer segments (implicitly problems). On the other one “PromoteAuthor”, we are on the growth track,
While on this one, EasyBacklinks, I am rather on the launch track.

Customer Archetype 


#2 (Customer Archetype) Develop a Customer Archetype that describes your ideal target customers, following the example of this guide (http://fndri.com/2wsTXc0).

Write a detailed five paragraph Customer Archetype of the hypothetical individual that is your target customer, based on either your existing customers or your research work.

The first paragraph should describe their demographic information.

The second paragraph should describe their work and professional life.

The third paragraph should describe their hobbies and interests.

The fourth paragraph should describe why they need your solution.

The fifth paragraph should describe how they will learn about and adopt your solution, as well as any steps that are needed to adopt your solution. Be as detailed and precise as possible with all of the above, and include sample photos and any other research. (2 Hours)

  1. The customer is a 40 years old person that is likes new technology.
  2. He has a small websites in different languages, where he sells some products. ideally he does it in his second job
  3. He likes IT, uses the computer regularly.
  4. He sells a very particular type of products, a niche.
    He is convinced by this product. He faces the following problems:
    Main Issue: he does not sell enough, one reason is SEO
    a) Search engine optimisation is very expensive. A typical SEO campaign costs about 700 € per month. Usually one must run this campaign for many months, ideally forever.
    b) Moreover people do not know his product well. So he wants to show his product also to customers that usually would buy similar products.
    c) He has done very little SEO effort until now.
  5. How does he learn about our solution: we are aiming to use our solution ourselves to create a blog of blogs and videos about SEO for smaller budgets with landing pages on our website. Our solution allows to generate this blog of blogs nearly automatically.How we will adopt our solution:
    We assume the following product: Lamps made of ONYX
    Step 1: He finds websites, blogs and Youtube channels that are about his product.
    Step 2: He defines his core keywords, these are the normal keywords that focus on ONYX like ONYX Lamps.
    Step 3: He defines the customer keywords that are not directly related to ONYX.
    Examples: Table lamp, Floor Lamp
    Step 4: We will build a blog of blogs on a new website, using so-called spinning and/or automatic translation that create unique content.
    Step 5: The customer or one of our team does some proof-reading for the articles, given that spinning and auto-translation is not always perfect.
    Beware that proof-reading of 100 articles requires the same time as writing 3 original articles.
    Step 6: We add some additional text and images about ONYX lamps to the existing articles and videos.
    Step 7: We add the relevant links to the customer key articles and landing pages.

Target Customer List

#5 (Customer List) Create a bulleted list of target customers based on your One Customer Archetype. Your Customer List can include any existing users or customers. If you are focusing on a business to business (B2B) Customer Problem, the list should include at least 3 names. If you are focusing on a consumer (B2C) Customer Problem, the Customer List should include at least 9 names.

For each customer, ensure that you have their full contact details including their phone number and a couple of sentences describing their demographic information. (1 Hour)


B2B Model:

  1. Keith Weiner, Owner of Monetary Metals, SEO Client
    Product: Gold Leases: Borrow and Lend Gold,
    Monetary Metals acts as market and storage place for both borrower and lenders
    Phone: +1 6044789275
    Mail: [email protected]
    Why Archetype: Has not done any SEO effort yet, IT Tech
  2. Rene Irniger, Owner of ONYX Art Shop SEO Client
    Phone: +41 79 883 9322
    Mail: [email protected]
    Why archetype: Age, done very little SEO effort yet, IT Tech
  3. Dominik Bamberger, Owner of idomix.de
    Mail: [email protected]
    Why archetype: 2nd job little SEO effort yet, IT Tech



Customer Interviews

Perform an interview with the SEO Company
Understand how he does SEO
Understand his problems
Explain how we want to improve SEO
use existing Video: https://vimeo.com/536620366/3824bf91c8

and sales pages
G:\PDrive\LatestSprint\Sales (S)\S30 Sales Channels\S35 SEO

Document it on S17


Petar Limonov


What are they doing?

  • Having 20 own websites with a lot of traffic and higher SEO / visitors
  • Providing new daily content (about 5-10 articles per website per day)
  • Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian
  • 80% normal articles with internal linking
  • 20% of the articles are sponsored articles
  • Price per sponsored article: 500-800€
  • Around 20 000€ / daily from paid articles
  • Different advertising channels as Top 10 articles, Google Ads and direct publishers
  • More than 100 people in the company

Work is completely manually:

  • Find by images per subject in the internet via Google Search
  • Choose free publicly available images
  • Edit the text manually
  • Each time little text and big image




How can be improved? What we can offer?

  • Automatically taking images from different sources and copyrights
  • Rewriting file name and alt texts
  • Translate their own articles on different languages they work (or not) and spin them
How to integrate our technology:

  1. Only high-quality sites allow for duplicate content
  2. Google does not know necessarily what the original is.
  3. Therefore we must use a technique called “spinning” that creates unique content out of duplicate content.
    it is a semantic-syntactic reformulation of the text
  4. After that the text must be reviewed
  5. For images this is an not issue; the software shall only rename the images name / Alt text.
  6. Very important: We need domains with higher authority, otherwise Google will consider as as spammers.

Economicblogs obtain higher ranking via unique content:

  • Author pages
  • Categories
  • Spinning articles
  • Unique functionalities
  • Author Pages: Combination of Videos, Books and Articles


They are opinion about us:

  • Without spinning we are dead
  • We need auto-translation service as additional (they will be very interesting in this).
  • Only higher-authority domains
  • It has potential only if all is combined. Otherwise is too risky.

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