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M33 Media Post Type

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Media Post Type in CoreWP

Where does this come from?

  • It is just a different post format, but again single, normal post. It is from a long time
  • They are called post formats of the normal posts. They are part from the CoreWP now, yes. We can use them, but they are treated as normal WP posts, with the same URL as the URL of the post

Format for Posts in CoreWP
Post type

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Core WP Uses Post_Mime_Type

WP Core uses normal post type & different post_format for video & audio. And this is not something different than a normal post with different content.


Core WP Uses Post_Mime_Type


Our Media Post Type Fields

We use the field post_type, so we are completely flexible. We can change

  • the URL,
  • the breadcrumb,
  • the design,
  • archive pages
  • and everything.



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