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D41 Regular Tasks

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Page no: D41

Regular Task Board 0101001

Our regular tasks are on this Trello Board (link)

Regular Tasks Dashboard


Computer Mails Design
Ecoblogs Media Orga
Plugins SNB Sales
Regular Tasks


Checklists done, and are on pages
CM24 Program links Computer, Laptop

M61 Rotate and Control Pics

(give doc page/number) Ecoblogs Mail copyright issues

CM02o Export message rules from master
CM02r Filter Corrections
Cm02a Regular Thunderbird

D48 Update Whitelists
D79 DB Monthly Backup
E4x Number Posts Count
R47: Fintool Videos
E41b One One Compare
E43 Austrian
E44 Central Banks
E45 European
E46 Heterodox
E47 Leaders
E48 Macro
E49 Swiss
(give doc page/number) Improve media text via media library

M43 Sync Vimeo Albums and Vimeo Folders

O40 Red Rows
O40 new doc pages
O57: Sprint Boards Backup
(give doc page/number)
Regular Plugin Testing
Y41 Copy Tags from Images

R55  Newsletter Received

S82 Newsletter to Facebook –> From where is this task????
S99 Twitter Retweet checks
S94c Twitter page Tests
S94c Test Twitter Posting Intervals
(MISSING DOC PAGE) Subscribe/unsubscribe follow/unfollow friend/unfriend
S48 Comments for Ecoblogs
George Review DONE

January DONE
February DONE


Video and Pics

Regular Task Dashboard

  1. Put all regular tasks into first row
  2. Put links to doc page behind page number (example behind CM24)
  3. Put links to trello card behind task name (example Program Links Task
  4. Move the tasks with Checklists DONE into second row (Checklists DONE and are on pages)
  5. George Review Checklists
  6. Copy Detailed Checklists into Task
  7. Regular Task: Move tasks into row for next month.


Move Tasks to Next Row
Move Tasks to Next Row

- Click to enlarge

Video name: Regular Task Dashboard

Video Link to Trello

Detailed Checklist:


010101 Board


Link to the 010101 Board

  • All cards must have working link



Add new date for all tasks in this board

  • For weekly tasks: Add new week like Week Nov 13
  • For monthly tasks: Add new month, when last month is done, like Nov
  • For every 2-3 days tasks: add new dates, Week Nov13A, Week Nov13B

Regular labels
Regular labels

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Tuesday check if all done

  • Every Monday add new date to the task in Regular Board –> Week 14 January
  • When task is done –> check the box with date –> That’s how George knows the Task is DONE
  • All Doc page links must work –> no not working links

Types of Checklists for Different Tasks

Types of Checklist for Different Tasks
Types of Checklist for Different Tasks

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010101 Regular Checklists Feedback

Trello link



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