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Vivaldi vs. Yandex

Action Checklist

must go to Sync page


Checklist Item Synched in Vivaldi How to do in Vivaldi
Bookmarks yes (no screen)
Home Pages
(under General)
Settings: Address bar yes Show Full Address
Settings: Privacy yes Do not track


Settings: Cookies yes Delete cookies on exist = Session only
No Third Party Cooklies
Settings: Search Provider yes With which provider you wanna search through internet.
Settings: Sidebar no Bookmarks,Downloads,notes,History,
Passwords Switch Off
Autofill yes Do not really it? Autofils the address bar when you start typing some sort of domain
History, Sessions Delete Data on Exit!
Extensions yes (no screen)
Notes yes (no screen)
not needed

Automatically Sync Extensions and More for Vivaldi
Automatically Sync Extensions and More for Vivaldi

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General Settings: Sync

Name our value Setting is synched
Bookmarks YES YES
Passwords YES YES
Extensions YES YES
History YES YES
Open Tabs YES YES
Autofill Information YES YES
Settings Yes No


Yandex Sync

  • —– Important: All users use the same profile !!!
  • Go into Sync Settings
  • Login into Yandex sync with georgi.kaspersky, PW 1Zdrhbesed
  • do not sync settings when version (see under Advanced-About) is the normal portable, this is not new version (smaller than 20.6.)
  • you can sync settings when version is newer than 20.6
  • for all 3 profiles, but not for the no add-on profile
  • Data comes from sync, could not find additional data from the settings
  • —– Sync the Settings ?
  • in the installed and forced portable version we sync also the settings


Sync Settings

  • please check if the settings changed on one user, also changes the ones of the other user
  • maybe u need to close browser
  • Example: change 10 items and see if this changed on other user
Yandex Edit User

Yandex Edit User
Yandex Edit User

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How Does Sync Work

  • When you turn on your synchronization, you browser data is merged with the server data. They all have the same priority (precedence).
  • Server settings have a priority over browser settings, but not every settings are synced.
  • Installed extensions are merged just like the other data, but extensions settings are not synced.
  • Bookmarks are merged just like the other data.
  • If browser is already synced with the server, every data change in your browser will lead to the data change on our servers, and then on your other synced devices.




Settings are that not synched:

Display page addresses in the Smart line as “domain> title”
• Send Yandex usage statistics
• Send Yandex crash reports
• Other search engines
• Web Content (Font Size, Page Scale)
• Turbo settings
• Offer translation of words and phrases when text is highlighted
• Allow applications to run in the background after closing the browser
• Show in a new Zen tab, a feed of personal recommendations
• Background in the new browser tab

Profile with VPN Logged

  • in order to have less extensions we create a second sync profile
  • We use the same account!
  • This profile has all extensions, also the ones we usually do not use
  • one new extension, is a browser VPN
  • that we use for logging into German sites, with German IP
  • —- How to
  • Create new user: George Germany
  • Login into existing profile kaspersky
  • obtain all extensions and settings from other profiles
  • add the VPN extensions


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