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PRIV D71 Daily DB Backup

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Is there a daily DB backup running for doc site?

Is it backup buddy or what?
I need DB backup.

Yes, we have DB Backup for doc site. We use backup buddy.



What do u do in monthly with this file?

  • we save our backup into pcloud

I must be able to access WordPressPro

Moved under wordpress-pro.e-llusion.org SSL installed, too.

Our websites Daily DB Backup
Austrian Yes, server side
Macro Yes, server side
Leaders Yes, server side
CB Yes, server side
Swiss Yes, server side
Heterodox Yes, server side
European Yes, server side
IT Yes, server side & backup buddy
SNBCHF Yes, server side
WP PRO Yes, server side

Backupbuddy schedule problem with daily database backup

Is there a daily DB backup running for doc site?


It was a backupbuddy problem with the schedule. Now it works fine as can be seen on the problem screen.


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