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V22 Pcloud Accounts (mig)

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Computer / Device Login Data
Hidden Files KeePass Last PW change
Shared with
and Innobia
PCloud Shared
Elite i5 All systems [email protected] U.S. 2TB Keepass Team
Elite i7 jobs@innob U.S. 10GB
George-BG Win7 [email protected] U.S. 10GB Keepass Team not a device
George shares with me 
ATab Big [email protected] U.S.
Iphone White [email protected] U.S. 10GB Stopped Keepass Team I share with George, DONE Shared
Not used [email protected] E.U. 10GB Stopped Keepass Team Yes, but E.U. Shared
Iphone Black [email protected] U.S. missing
Same PW
Travel Lap [email protected] 10GB Stopped Keepass Team not a device
George shares with me 
ATab Small [email protected] U.S. Keepass Team I share with George, DONE Shared
Wife Comp HP / [email protected] U.S. 8GB Stopped


Videos and Pics

Steps for a new account

  • Create new Dummy email account for Pcloud on MediaPC
  • Save the new email in Keepass
  • Create pcloud account with new Dummy email
  • Username and password saved in E-llusion Keepass file
  • Save the password in keepass
  • Install pcloud with Revo4 –> Traced Mode
  • Login with new account
  • Once installed and logged in
  • Go to George’s pcloud account (which is the master)
  • Create Shares for needed folders



Stop notifications


Login into account.
Go to notifications under settings.
Remove all except account events

Share Photos and Videos


  1. Make sure that each device has automatic upload.


Unlock more free space


The first thing to do after you’ve created a pCloud account is to set up the space you’ll need. Your account comes with 10 GB free storage space.

You’ll need to follow our beginner’s tutorial to unlock all this storage:

    1. The first step will be to verify your email address. This automatically verifies your account and unlocks file sharing for you.
    2. As a next step, you can upload your first file. Every file you upload will be available from then on all your devices thanks to your pCloud account.
    3. To be able to access and work on files from your computer without taking HDD space, you can download and install pCloud Drive, which is our desktop application. If you do that, you will be 1 GB closer to unlocking all of your free space.
    4. For your mobile devices, you will need pCloud’s mobile apps. Install pCloud for Android or iOS and log in to your account. Just by doing that you will unlock further free space.
    5. From your mobile pCloud app you can turn on the Automatic Upload feature from the Settings menu. We highly suggest you do that. Not only you will get 1 GB more free space, but this will also back up all your photos and videos, so you could have more free space for great memories on your phone.
    6. And last, but not least you can invite your friends and family members to join pCloud. Each successful invitation will bring you 1 GB. Now what do we mean by successful invitation: Only invited users with verified emails count as a successful invite. Another great news is that by inviting friends you can enter our challenge and win a Premium Lifetime pCloud Account! Find out more about how to get 500 GB for free here



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