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PRIV O16 Task Backlog (Open)

Page no: O16

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Our New Task table, a backlog page

Target: Move all tasks into DONE area

It is based on the scrum technique.

Task description:

Ideally it has 2 lines and 1 line for the status


Columns OPEN, In Progress, FIXED and DONE

The “cards” should have very short names that fit in 2 or max 3 lines

FIXED should contain a link to where it is fixed. Do not use the word “link” but hyperlink it behind the card.!

Our Target:

to move the “cards” on the “task board”, from OPEN over In Progress to Fixed

Task update:

Do the task update always in the Task Description /Task update column


Copy tasks into sprint pages

Nikolay creates a new sprint page and fills it with tasks he can do until Saturday.December 19th

Step1: Evaluate the effort for each story that is not fixed. Fill the estimate column.

Step2: Choose tasks based on priorities. Highest prio first!!

Step3: Write more details on each task. Details later….

Scrum Board


OPENIn Progress............FIXED DONETask Description
Task Update
Effort EstimateOpen DatePriority
SNB, Doc siteFixFix the ssl on IT and SNBCHFThere are some bugs with ssl and cdn which have to be fixed
SupportFixPassword-Protect test.snbchf.comPassword-Protect test.snbchf.comPrio1
SNBCHF go-liveFixFollow Author: Add channel "Tradingfloor"Add the channel "Tradingfloor" for Follow Author ExamplePrio3
SNBCHF go-liveFixEstimates and SprintGive estimates for each task in this backlog table and move into Sprint pagePrio1
SNBCHF go-liveFixMailpoet ProblemsGive answers to the mailpoet problemsPrio1
SNBCHF go-liveDoc/FixTransfer block rendering from Sahifa LinkCan we transfer block rendering from Sahifa as plugin into our "mini sahifa" on snbchf? Layout very good on ecoblogs very bad on snbchfWed,Dec8Prio4
SNBCHF go-liveDoc/FixChandler feed: Daily fixDaily fixes of formatting for Chandler.Wed,Dec8Prio1
SNBCHF go-liveAdd one feed every couple of daysWe need to add the feeds slowly, so that users do not get spammed.Wed, Nov 25Do slowly
SupportDoc/FixIssues with KeyCDN, verify if it is slowIssues with KeyCDN, verify if it is slow
Reason: server issues, because of that our sites were slow. Now back to normal.
Sun, Dec 06ZDONE
SupportFixMailpoet: Move to premium and template changesMailpoet: Move to premium, integrate template changes, create "once daily" newsletterSun, Dec 06Prio1
SupportDocCreate page for Cookie-Based Whitelist in WP Securitycookie-based WP Sec option: "This feature will deny access to your WordPress login page for all people except those who have a special cookie in their browser.Sun, Dec 6Prio5
Author Go-LiveFixMy Blog and my company on Prototype and LinkAfter my books, then my blog, then my company, then Videoauthor profile pages. -Sun Nov17Prio2
Author Go-LiveFeedUse face as Cat Pic on Cheerleaders linkhttp://macromarketmusings.blogspot.ch/ Sun Nov29ZDONE
HTTPSHTTPs it.snbchf
SSL on our domains
Add Wildcard certificate for it.snbchf and snbchfSat,Nov21
SNBCHF Go-LiveFixImprove Layout of Pictured Category WidgetAuthor pic too small on box, featured images all same size, Improve base SahifaSun, Dec 06Prio2
SNBCHF Go-LiveDocIntegrate Yoast page with our SSL page linkIntegrate this Yoast page with our steps for SSL. Give comments for each stepThu, Dec 3Prio2
SNBCHF go-liveDocTypical CSS Changes for on steps for new feedSteps for a new feed do not contain the fix of the layout. We must fix the layout on the same day we enter the feed.Fri,Nov27Prio2
SNBCHF go-liveDocWrite explanation on regenerate attributes pageadd to page: Why is Chandler Layout so bad on snbchf and so good on ecoblogs?Thu,Nov26Prio2
SNBCHF go-liveFixChandler: Remove [AuthorMarc] everywhereBio Snippet must be removed, we have our own bio.Thu,Nov26Prio2
SNBCHF Go-LiveTestTest SNBCHF on MobileTest SNBCHF on Mobile: Some buttons do not work, Sync Buttons with latest menuMon, Nov31Prio2
Author Go-LiveTestDo author-go Live again Author Go-Live Testing TableFill aAuthor Go-Live Testing Table with new feeds. Remove all OK and test againPrio2
Author Go-LiveDataBooks on author pagesEnter book on author pages (>10 posts) for all ecoblogs and for all cheerleadersWed,Nov25Prio3
SNBCHF Go-LiveYouTubeUpload videos once u got OK from Susan & GeorgeSusan will say start/stop for video chapters and George will approvePrio3
Author Go-LiveDataRemove spelling and footnotes in bioInside testing: Remove spelling and footnotes Example: Eugen Böhm Ritter[1] von Bawerk (German: [bøːm ˈbaːvɛʁk];Sun Nov29Prio3
SNBCHF go-liveWrite new page with categories, feeds, authors LinkWrite page with categories, feeds, authors. (based on Skype onversation) Wed,Nov25Prio3
SNBCHF go-liveAdd 15 Pic Cat Widgets and 15 PBs on test.snbchfAdd 15 Pic Cat and 15 Widgets for all new feeds and main categories (based on Skye onversation)Wed,Nov25Prio3
SNBCHF go-liveFeed1: Seeking Alpha FeedWP (Posts) - Feed is not workingThis is the most important feed for /category/CHF
multiple authors source Works perfectly on Thunderbird
SNBCHF Go-LiveFixShow excerpt for Pic Cat WizardTill now we show only title, but we should show excerpt Wed,Nov25Prio4
SNBCHF Go-LiveDocConcept for post type "Overview" with PB layoutWrite concept for post type "Overview" with Page Builder layoutSun Nov28Prio4
SNBCHF go-liveThe International FeedWP - NO Feed/category/CHF/Swiss-Insights
SNBCHF go-liveFinTool YouTubeFeed (pages)SourceWed,Nov18Prio5
SNBCHF go-liveAdd to daily tasks page: Check if M.Pettis Manual FeedCheck his blog daily
Category: Michael Pettis http://blog.mpettis.com/
SNBCHF go-liveFix globally Chandler postI had to enter line breaks manually in that post. Fix globallySun, Dec 06Prio5
SNBCHF go-liveBoehringer FeedWP (Posts) Ready on testPeter Böhringer /category/gold/boehringer SourceWed,Nov18Prio6
Author Go-LiveFeedNew Feed European Author Pic/Bio missingCreate new feed for Craig Willy: http://www.craigwilly.infoWed,Nov25ZDONE
SNBCHF Go-LiveFixCannot set featured image any moreSince we installed FeedWP or PicCat, we cannot set featured image on manual posts.Mon, Dec 1ZDONE
SNBCHF go-liveFixChandler: Posts on snbchf do not show bio linkBios on posts are missing, on pages it worksThu,Nov26ZDONE
SNBCHF go-liveFixRemove the disclaimer on Marc Chandler, check why excerpt is empty except disclaimer, why does it work on Chandler on ecoblogs?Thu,Nov26ZDONE
SNBCHF go-liveFixAuthor Archives show only pages Author Archives show only pageonly pages but should show posts and pages.Thu,Nov26ZDONE
SNBCHF go-liveBawerk FeedWP, Import as page?Import as page:
SNBCHF go-liveFeatured and Newsletter Tag for imported postsset the tag “Featured” and "Newsletter" for newly imported posts
snbchf only so they are in the featured&Recent widget
SNBCHF go-live Change button orderChange button order Fri,Nov20ZDONE
ContentRemove duplicates in monetary metalsRemove duplicates in category Wed,Nov18ZDONE
SNBCHF go-liveMarcToMarket FeedWP (Posts)Marc Chandler Category: http://snb/category/fx/technical-outlook/
SNBCHF go-liveGoldstandard Button, add link to internal page
We will introduce a new button for Gold Standard Institute. Use the pic with the coin and add the text. Position under Euromoney. Sat,Nov21ZDONE
Doc SiteImport Wordpress doc pagesCopy all pages under this link from into Tools PageNo 21a-21z Use order numbers 210 to 219.Tue,Nov17ZDONE
Doc SitePage No in the title
  • Rad fix Doc pages:
    a) All pages must have a number in the title like "23 community" -
  • Tue,Nov17ZDONE
    Doc SiteCorrect Order Noa correct order number Tue,Nov17ZDONE
    PicCatFeedback on PicCatRead all 6 pages on pictured categories and give feedback.Tue,Nov17ZDONE
    HTTPSDocSSL: Pictures not secureExamine why Firefox says the pictures are not secure.Sun, Dec 6ZNoPrio
    SNBCHF Go-LiveDocFill important questions page Fill important questions into SSL page
    Thu, Dec 3ZNoPrio
    SNBCHF Go-LiveDocUse hyperlinks instead writing full URL in the text on SSL pagefull URL on the page
    It is good to use references, but u should use hyperlinks behind the content
    Thu, Dec 3ZNoPrio
    SNBCHF Go-LiveDocReduce all titles in IT menu to 5-6 words.Names in menu should have max 5-6 words
    Old: Google snippets show different name for web site
    New: website name in Google snippet
    Thu, Dec 3ZNoPrio
    SNBCHF Go-LiveDo it every dayDo it every day linkNew Daily content checksThu, Dec 3ZNoPrio
    SNBCHF Go-LiveFixShow AuthorPic on Pic CatTill now we can show only the category pic on a Pic Cat Wizard. Add the author pic with higher resolution.Sun Nov28ZNoPrio
    Plugin Go-LiveDocUsual PB may destroy Google ranking.Write page why usual PB are bad and potentially may destroy Google ranking.Sun Nov29ZNoPrio
    SNBCHF Go-LiveFixwiden Category Images to banner formatMany category pictures are to high and not wide enough: Periphery Good example areSNBeSun Nov29ZNoPrio
    Author Go-LiveNew Feed on Cheerleadershttp://johnhcochrane.blogspot.ch/Wed,Nov25ZNoPrio
    Author Go-LiveFeeds updatedDaily check if feeds are updated on all EcoblogsWed,Nov25ZNoPrio
    BiweeklyWhitelist IP all blogsBiweekly: Include Whitelist IP check (brute force) for all blogs. FIXED
    Use the master table for IP addresses and double check the Whitelists
    BiweeklyExport important tablesDo Biweekly: Include export important tables on doc site (doc task table and author go-live testing) -
    and on snbchf with Tablepress export functionality.
    Author Go-Live DocRegenerate postsGive the full list of attributes that are re-generated (excerpt, ...) on the Website syndication tools page.Sat,Nov21ZDONE
    ToolsWiden columns doc Create a page on doc site: "How to widen columns in Tablepress (and HTML tables)."Sat,Nov21ZDONE
    PluginsIf statements for pluginsRemove template dependency on plugins (if-statements) on all sites Sat,Nov21ZNoPrio
    SwissmacroGerman StopWords and Swissmacro go-liveGerman StopWords and Swissmacro go-liveSat,Oct17ZNoPrio
    SNBCHF go-liveBio text for each categoryNew FunctionalityA bio text can be set on each category inside the PromoteAuthor settings of the category.Similar the author text in the Follow Author plugin, it helps to distinguish real authors and the case, when we speak “about” people. An example see the snbchf home page.Fri,Nov18ZNoPrio
    PicCatPic Cat: Category Description in ArchivesWe create a parameter if we show the description in the archives. Fri,Nov18ZNoPrio
    SEO DocGoogle Snippet Website nameCreate doc page with title "Google snippet shows different name for Website"Fri,Nov18ZNoPrio
    HTTPSHTTPs snbchf linkAdd certificates and HTTPS to snbchfSat,Nov21ZNoPrio
    HTTPSHTTPs ecoblogs linkAdd certificates and HTTPS to ecoblogsSat,Nov21ZNoPrio
    HTTPSHTTPs swissmacro linkAdd certificates and HTTPS to swissmacroSat,Nov21ZNoPrio
    ContentContentRIchard Koo page LinkImport pagesThis
    to Richard Koo pages
    SNBCHF go-liveRegulatory FeedWP Ready on testRegulatory (to be created) http://www.atozforex.com/Wed,Nov18ZNoPrio
    Design DocFontAwesome pageNiki: FontAwsome
    Correct the page based on the format for documentation
    Please add screenshots are missing for each of the 6 chapters.

    I now need explanation for each screenshot

    like "The screenshot shows how we use fonts in snbchf"
    Author Go-LiveReload vs. Regenerate DocWrite some sentences about the connection of Reload posts page to our new plugin Syndication tools. -these two pages must link to each other with some text.Wed,Nov18ZNoPrio
    Live SupportCreate Wordpress.com ticketJetpack problems: I created a new page on WP_OPTIONS and Jetpack problems. Do the full documentation of my steps with the results of the SQL statements and some screenshots. See details on the page. Wed,Nov18ZNoPrio
    Doc SiteBroken Links on Doc Site (link?)Fix broken links on doc siteWed,Nov18ZNoPrio
    Doc SiteFix Doc Task TableEnter missing items into Doc Task Table.All pages must in the doc task back log table.Many new pages are missing, for example FontAwesome and the 6 new pages for Pictured Categories.The best to do this:
    1) Order table by "Doc Task Number".
    2) For each item in the menu
    3) Look if it exists in the Doc Task table
    4) if not, enter a new row "Finish documentation" with a link to this page.
    PicCatSplit Pic Cat in Pro & LightSplit Pic Cat Archives and Widgets into Pro and Light functionality.Tue,Nov 17ZNoPrio
    Author Go-LiveAuthors SyndicationContinue with authors on Syndication.ecoblogs.Tue,Nov 17ZNoPrio
    Author Go-LiveFor all Ecoblogs sites: Daily quick check which blogs got updated. Hover over the menu to see.
    If there is no new posts in last 7 days go to original site and check
    Tue,Nov 17ZNoPrio
    Doc SiteVesta CP page
    Edit Vesta-CP page, so I know how to login. Currently we show the different functionalities. This is good.
    But an overview screenshot is missing.
    Doc SiteText "PageNo"c) a text "PageNo", for example "Page no: Mar23" - Tue,Nov17ZNoPrio
    Doc SiteMust be in the menud) They must be in the menu . They must be in our doc tableFontAwesome, for example, has not yet an order number assigned.Tue,Nov17ZNoPrio
    Doc Site"Obtain income with a website" has nothing of a) b) c) and d). Probably not in Doc Table neither. - Done
    PicCatUI fixes of Pic Cat WidgesUI fixes of Pic Cat WidgesIvanMon,Nov16ZNoPrio
    See more for O1x Orga Videos