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R61 Daily FX Overview

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Chandler Post

Additional checks:

  • Check Chandler HTML if <div …> tinytable </div> —-> move </div> before the tiny table: <div..> </div> tiny table


We start the post with a text for EUR/CHF and USD/CHF

Taking this graph from Markets.ft.com.

Models for writing text on EUR/CHF


+ The Euro has risen by 0.06% to 1.0922 CHF.

  The Euro has fallen by 0.06% to 1.0922 CHF.

+ The euro is up by 0.06% to 1.0922 CHF

+ The euro is higher at 1.0922 CHF (+0.06%).


The euro is lower at 1.0922 (-0.06%)

+ The euro has appreciated by 0.06% to 1.0922 CHF.

The euro has depreciated by 0.06% to 1.0922 CHF.


—> Choose one !!

EUR/CHF and USD/CHF May 01
EUR/CHF and USD/CHF May 01

- Click to enlarge

No video upload need, this does not need a video explanation


Featured Image: Dukascopy
Movers and Shakers (Dukascopy)

Movers and Shakers BAD: BAD 

the videos

 We do not use them anymore.


  • They are often late, so we put them only on the next day.
  • Inconsistencies between Investing.com FX and Dukascopy –> not some rates
  • Manual effort to find correct screens

Introduction Comments

George Dorgan

  • George writes text for Swiss Franc,
    Comments on Swiss Franc by
    George Morgan
    My articles
    Follow on:
    or [GDCHF]
  • Swiss Franc: Add EUR/CHF graph from investing.com every day. http://www.investing.com/currencies/eur-chf   click on 5  and choose the lowest price with the cursor (here 30.6. 23:45 MET) if we have Swiss economic data http://www.investing.com/economic-calendar/trade-balance-288
Seeking Alpha – Stopped

  • copy excerpt from seeking alpha into
  • Introduction by
    George Morgan
    My articles
    Follow on:
  • The excerpts are short without verbs. Simeon should add some verbs.

Comment from Swiss Franc Forecast

Copy into Daily FX 

Load it at 18.30, after Daily FX.


Snippet for comment about Swiss Franc and GBP

(January 17, 2017)


FX Rates Graphs

– Must contain many FX words like Dollar, Euro, Sterling, Yen, Australian Dollar, then you use the graphs FX Overview and FX Performance


18 BG time: Upload from investing.com

  • Login with investing.com/
  • Copy from Major portfolio Overview and add title
  • Copy from Major portfolio Performance and add title

Copy graph for FX Overview at GMT 15.00

Copy graph for FX Performance at GMT 15.00

SNBCHF Currency Pairs

We need to take a photo of the right currency pairs. For example in this video, we don’t like USD/EUR. The right pair in this situation is EUR/USD. Need to focus more before taking a photo for any currency pairs.

Wrong Order

into graph see pictures

USDEUR Wrong Order

- Click to enlarge

Chapters: Text

Chapter Name Typical Keywords Graph when the Chapter is big
United Kingdom (we used Brexit because of news) Brexit, UK, Bank of England, BoE, Theresa May GBP/USD
(or economic graphs)
EuroZone Germany, France, European, Euro, European Central Bank (ECB) EUR/USD
(or economic graphs)
Japan Yen, Bank of Japan (BoJ) USD/JPY
(or economic graphs)
Canada Canada Dollar, Loonie, Canada, BoC, Bank of Canada (BoC) Only economic graphs
United States US Only economic graphs
Federal Reserve Fed, Federal Reserve Only economic graphs

Chapter name
Daily FX UK

- Click to enlarge

Chapter: Federal Reserve

The chapter is name is Federal Reserve or Fed.

You may put a graph like Producer Prices, but only if he does not speak about producer prices.

Daily FX Fed and Producer Prices


Economic Graphs

See the detailed page for Economic Graphs and Tags (R62)

  • Economic Data: You find it, based on the Economic Tags
  • Economic Data: Create Screenshot with latest data “actual, forecast” text in the image (see screenshot)
  • Economic data “source Investing.com”, link to the data page e.g.
  • Economic data: Take YoY data if it exists
  • Use graph that goes back 2011 (5 years)
  • Remove old Daily FX from Featured Posts


Title into Economic Graph

The video explains

  • Copy Title of Economic Data into the image
  • Needed for Google image searchg
  • Use Paint Net or similar
  • Do not write the month into title
  • So media title and image title is different
(March 09, 2017)

 End Text

  • Graphs and additional information on Swiss Franc by the snbchf team. ” on the bottom of the post (in bold, italic)


Text in tiny tables

Put more text into tiny tables
Currently you write more text outside the tiny tables. I prefer that more text is inside the table. This should be the standard layout.

But not too much! 

Not too much text so that the text part is far longer than the graph part.

Daily FX Rates
Daily FX Rates

- Click to enlarge

Text and Graph inline

5) Do not write the graph name as Chapter Name to the left side, when he speaks about something else.
This is a little difficult, because you must read the text. The key word PPI was in the previous chapter.

Good Example: Text and Graph Inline
Daily FX PPI

- Click to enlarge




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