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PRIV D77 Emergency Backup

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Question Answer
Can Hetzner close our server? doc at e-llusion and syndication.ecoblogs
is currently our most important sitesI do not want lose the intellectual property, so I must protect it from complaints.
Hetzner could theoretically block our access to the whole server
How quick is it on this server? How much time to make run? syndication on the French server? Currently hetzner has the best abuse politic, so we must keep it here.
But in case of problem, we can start up project in less than 30 minutes in France. Our backup server is in France and restoring files will be in 5-10minutes.We always pay and keep one free small server in case of emergency. We will turn it on, it is with full installed software. So in no more than 30 minutes it will be fine.
The time will be for all of the sites, not 30 for every single user.

  • How quick is it on this server
  • How much time to make run? syndication on the French server
  • doc.e-lusion on French server






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