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New Tags and Message Filters


Name Rule

(without from,to, subject, body)

Type Rule Filter Keywords Action Tag Account Folder Saved Search George
Apple (from,to) apple Tag Apple Harry Apple X X X
Important Services (from,to) atlassian, gotomypc, pcloud, teamviewer, hetzner Tag Important Services E-ll Important Services X X X
Delete SNBCHF Sent do only for snbchf mails sent that are two weeks old Delete Mail Only snbchf  (Trash), do not show Trash in Thunderbird,
empty once in 2 months


How to

Video and Pics

Thunderbird New Senders, Keywords based on Star

Thunderbird New Senders, Keywords based on Star

New Tag Rules


Action: New Tag

The following gives examples how the rules for 

Important Services

What are important services:

atlassian –> Important

Gotomypc –> Importnat
hostgator –> Domain
cloud –> must delete
pcloud –> imporant
qwitter–> Dor social


New Filter: Important Services

This is the trello checklist, but you see them also above in step1-10.

  • Remove them from old message filter Services:
  • Create new filter for these (incl tag)
  • Put into master
  • Export into folder, p: (shared) /Thunderbird message filters
  • Import into other accounts (and to George-BG)
  • Where are the exports for the message rules?

Important services new filter

- Click to enlarge

New Filter: Domains


What are domain services?

domain –> Tag Domain



domain –> Tag Domain




New filter Domains

- Click to enlarge

Message Filters Domain


In video not have a sound.

Put the checklist from Trello (attention with formats)

add what is missing


New Filter: Amazon Associates


  • new tag into Ellusion mail
  • new filter: must be executed before Amazon filter and Stop Execution certainly
  • Hence before Harry filters (exception to normal order)
  • must contain (from,to) rule
  • keywords as screen attached
  • Attach Tag
  • Regular Task
Amazon partner mails

- Click to enlarge

New Filter: Amazon Associates

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New filter for Invoices for Niki

New Filter for Invoices for Niki
CM02p New Filter for Invoices for Niki

- Click to enlarge

Important and Other Services

Message Rules Important Other Services

(no trello card)

Trello Summary: Empty

Important Services Filter

Thb Important Services

Thb Important Services
CM02p Thb Important Services

- Click to enlarge


Thb Domains

Thb Domains
CM02p Thb Domains

- Click to enlarge

Delete Mail Rules

Action: Delete Mail

Gmail problems 

Snbchf : Sent mail, delete after 2 weeks

Gmail problems

Filter Rule: old mail (date > two week ago) AND Sent Folder –> Delete, Stop execution of filters (

: no such an option) –>

This does not work, old sent mails are not deleted!
We cannot use [email protected] inside Thunderbird, this is a big issue, because we do not read the mails.


problem with SENT filter
The problem is that all filters are executing only on new received email. The sent filter is for outgoing emails and it is not executing. I didn’t find a way to make a filter, which is executing on every sent email. So the only option for this is to start it manually.
–> This problem does not exist on Thunderbird



Show how to do in Thunderbird



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