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P09 Access to Plugins, Pages

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Access to Plugins and Pages



Access to Plugins

Hiding URL

We need two levels of administrators.

First ones have access to plugins

Second ones not.

Step1: Hide plugins with Adminitze



What does this plugin do?

The plugin changes the administration backend and gives you the power to assign rights on certain parts. Admins can activate/deactivate every part of the menu and even parts of the sub-menu. Meta fields can be administered separately for posts and pages. Certain parts of the write menu can be deactivated separately for admins or non-admins. The header of the backend is minimized and optimized to give you more space and the structure of the menu gets changed to make it more logical – this can all be done per user so each role and their resulting users can have his own settings.

Link to WordPress

Now all administrators cannot access plugins.


Create new URL, that is only known of first call administrators.


URL is available only on Keepass ONLY!



Access to Pages



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