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Newsletter Planning Overview

There are the steps for planning the newsletter, how to decide which post is good to publish, what have to type in draft posts.

Newsletter Planning Overview
Newsletter Planning Overview

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Fill the Posts Excel

  • In !!!Latest Sprint folder, there is Excel file for SNBCHF Post checking
  • update every day
  • note each day from which category has published/scheduled post

Excel file for SNBCHF Post checking
Excel file for SNBCHF Post checking

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Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary: Empty


Old Try to Publish Every Day

  • Max 5 per day
    • If possible one for each of the categories one post
      1 SNB / CHF

      • 1 Swiss Markets, Swiss Macro
      • 1 Daily FX
      • 1 Global Macro (United States and Emerging Markets), 2 only sometimes (exception)
      • 1 Austrian (debt) 
      • 1 Gold / Gold Standard
      • Often there is 0 posts for one category.
    • Avoid 3 posts of same categories on same day.
  • Publish oldest posts first

Newsletter Sent: Do not do anymore.

Change tag “newsletter” into “newsletter sent” based on Newsletter preview

After a newsletter has been sent, change the “newsletter” tags for all newsletter posts to “newsletter sent”

There are more efficient ways to know what is in the newsletter.




Newsletter Sent
Newsletter Sent

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Post Scheduling

Why do I do post scheduling?

Answer: Because I want it in the newsletter.


Post status Schedule

Newsletter Schedule Replaces Private

No private posts anymore. When some post is ready, just schedule it for next day.

Newsletter Schedule Replaces Private
R5x Newsletter Schedule Replaces Private

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Newsletter Schedule instead Private Posts
(no trello card)Summary:

  • How to schedule posts
  • How to choose the date
  • How many days in advance: 3 days in advance if possible
Scheduling Dates Newsletter for next 3 days

  • How many days in advance: 3 days in advance if possible
  • Example: Planning newsletter from SNB & CHF category.

Newsletter Planning SNB & CHF
R5x Newsletter Planning SNB & CHF

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Example: Planning newsletter from Gold and Bitcoin category.

Newsletter Planning Gold Bitcoin
R5x Newsletter Planning Gold Bitcoin

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Publishing Time

Schedule posts for 1:00 AM when they are ready.



Publishing Time
Publishing Time

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Future Post Date Use 1am

We are scheduling all posts when they are ready to publish.

Future Post Date Use 1am
Future Post Date Use 1am

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Weekly Sight Deposits

On Mondays only:

should be on top of newsletter –> should change the time to latest



Finish sentences or cut sentences

Excerpt: Finish the sentence from the post

With global attention focused on BREXIT calamity, potentially more important questions are being overlooked, and especially in the South China Sea
where storms are currently brewing between China and a range of littoral states for strategic control o…   <—- sentence is cut, finish it!

Excerpt: Remove the started sentence (this is a new step 15 on daily tasks, can u copy the examples into step 15)


FX Rates Sterling has been sold beyond the panic low seen when it became clear that UK voters were choosing to leave the EU though nearly every economists warned of at least serious short- to medium-term negative economic implications. The UK is in disarray. We remain struck by what appears to be the lack of a game plan by the leaders of the Brexit movement.

It is not clear to many … <– Remove the started sentence from excerpt.


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