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PRIV P95 AdsManager without Google

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Business Requirements

On behalf of E-llusion we would like to create adverts that are independent of Google Adverts.

We can sell our plugins or third-party products like pcloud.

“Adverts” or “Ads” are important to monetize a website. The Ads Manager Light is one of our plugin that has replaced Google Ads on our sites. Now we can make money without paying Google.

The plugin allows for an advert link for each category of the blog. The advert consists of a bigger picture and a link.

In snbchf.com this means an advert for category SNB, one for CHF, one for Gold&Swiss, one for Gold Standard, one for Austrian economics, and so on.

Currently snbchf.com links to non-profit sites like Caritas or the Gold Standard Institute. But later we sell our own software like plugins, Cloud services from our own adverts and financial services.

Ads Manager

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We provide the following functions:

List all the ads

Under Tools -> AdsManager Light we are showing all the ads in the site. This is the global page of the plugin and from there we can use the rest of the functionality.

List table on AdsManager - Click to enlarge

Delete an advert

Via Actions -> Delete, we can delete the ads, which we don’t need anymore.

Delete function on AdsManager - Click to enlarge

Add a new advert


Via “Add a new ad” we can add as many ads as we want.

The fields are:

Place – we can choose on which category, (Theoretically also page or post), we want to show the advert.
We also have the functionality to show the ads only on the home page.

We also allow “globally” as default value for the whole site.

If we add 3 global adsand 2 specific ads for a category. On the category the plugin will show all 5 ads on random.

Adding button on AdsManager - Click to enlarge

Type – we can set on which type of banner we use. This gives us a position on which we show the ad. We can choose from 3 different banners for categories (archive pages). The rest of the pages had only one position.

Code – here we add the banner code. It allows for html, html5 or flash.


Adding form on AdsManager - Click to enlarge


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