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Page no: L20b

PageNo: L20b

Tasks opened on Sat 21 Nov.


  1. Biweekly: Include Whitelist IP check (brute force) for all blogs. (URGENT) – FIXED
    Use the master table for IP addresses and double check the Whitelists of the
    Keith and Joly do not access the IT sites.
  2. Do Biweekly: Include export important tables on doc site (doc task table and author go-live testing) – FIXED
    and on snbchf with Tablepress export functionality.

    Include it in biweekly doc.
  3. Give the full list of attributes that are re-generated (excerpt, …) on the Website syndication tools page. – FIXED
  4. Develop Prototype for author profile pages. – Ned was working on this task, not done
  5. Create a page on doc site: “How to widen columns in Tablepress (and HTML tables).” – FIXED
  6. Remove template dependency on plugins (if-statements) on all sites (urgent) – FIXED, Rad will multiply the code on all blogs
  7. German StopWords and Swissmacro go-live –> task for George
  8. Set bio text for each category (from snbchf go-live)
    New FunctionalityA bio text can be set on each category inside the PromoteAuthor settings of the category.Similar the author text in the Follow Author plugin, it helps to distinguish real authors and the case, when we speak “about” people. An example see the snbchf home page.
  9. Pic Cat: Category Description in ArchivesWe create a parameter if we show the description in the archive

    is this fixed? Show screenshot if yes.
  10. snb.chf.comCreate doc page with title “Google snippet shows different name for Website”. – FIXED
    Why do authors etc. show “” and not in Google seach?
    I cannot find it in SEO pluginGoogle start generating the titles based on the content and it is not follow strictly the Meta Title. All the pages started getting dynamic titles based on Google opinion. Probably it recognize the SNB and CHF as separate words. I don’t think we can do anything.
  11.  Add certificates and HTTPS to
    a) it.snbchf URGENT
    b) snbchf
    c) ecoblogs
    d) swissmacro
    FIXED – If we use seperate ssl certificates for every subdomain, we will need new ip for every certificate and different setup, which is not an option. Every ip will costs us $3/month. We will need 10 ips, which will costs us $30/month. The alternative is to buy wildcard ssl (one ssl for all subdomains) – this will be a problem and no any payments everymonth. The price will be $100 per domain per year.
  12. F0) Import pagesThis
  13. F2) New feeds/ authors to SNBCHF Feed1: automatic
    Monetary metals Remove duplicates–Task to George
    Feed2:  Marc Chandler (automatic)Category:
    Feed3: The International (Automatic)Source
    Category: Bawerk (Automatic)
    Source: Remark: exists already on Austrian blogsFeed5: Peter Böhringer Import as German for now. Later we do translation, via syndication Feed WP or manuallyFeed6:New Category: Regulatory (to be created) 6:
    a website with videos
    OPENFeed 7: Manual entry
    Category: Michael PettisThis author will go into snbchf, means: We will import all his pages to snbchf.

Tasks opened on Friday 20Nov.




We will introduce a new button for Gold Standard Institute. Use the pic with the coin 

and add the text. Position under Euromoney. You need to create some space for it (buttons smaller or header bigger).


Tasks opened on Wed Nov18

we need to work more on doc. One hour per day for Niki. Now we need to recover what we did not do before. So try 3-4 hours doc.


  1. Niki: FontAwsome
    Correct the page based on the format for documentation
    Please add screenshots are missing for each of the 6 chapters.
    I now need explanation for each screenshot

    like “The screenshot shows how we use fonts in snbchf”
  2. Niki: Write some sentences about the connection of Reload posts page to our new plugin Syndication tools. -these two pages must link to eachother with some text.REOPENED, Assigned to George
  3. Jetpack problems: I created a new page on WP_OPTIONS and Jetpack problems. Do the full documentation of my steps with the results of the SQL statements and some screenshots. See details on the page. OPEN
  4. Rad: Fix broken links on doc site – FIXED
  5. Rad: Enter missing items into Doc Task Table.All pages must in the doc task back log table.Many new pages are missing, for example FontAwesome and the 6 new pages for Pictured Categories.The best to do this:
    1) Order table by “Doc Task Number”.
    2) For each item in the menu
    3) Look if it exists in the Doc Task table
    4) if not, enter a new row “Finish documentation” with a link to this page.
    – FIXED
  6. Ned: Add Avatar,etc. to Pictured Category Pro plugin, so that they can run without Follow Author. He is working on that
    We should avoid plugin dependency. A plugin should run on its own. Still we will promote Follow Author with adds inside other plugins.-

Tasks opened onTue Nov 17

  1. Ned: Split Pic Cat Archives and Widgets into Pro and Light functionality as under point 1. – Ready, I will test tomorrow


Tasks on Mon Nov 16

  1. Niki: continue on author profile pages.  Read update on doc and give feedback.
    – Working, Rad is helping me with testing. Tomorrow will be ready
  2. Ned: Split Pic Cat Archives and Widgets into Pro and Light functionality as under point 1.
    – FIXED
  3. Rad: Continue with authors on Syndication.ecoblogs.
    – Done


Tasks on Sat Nov 14

  1. Niki: Start with creating author pages
    Propose first design based on tabs – FIXED
  2. Rad: Create a page for each author on all ecoblogs, if he has more than 10 posts.
    Normal author page remains
    New author detail page:

Tasks on Friday Nov 13


  1. Fix Jetpack: do each of the 7 steps of my possible fix here and write, if it is done. First step is done.
    If my fix does not work, write why. – REMOVED, CAN’T FIX, SEE THE EXPLANATION
    Time max 2 hours for this task, otherwise I contact to set correct links.
  2. Ned: Fix bugs and add screenshots to Pic Cat Widget page  – FIXED


Tasks on Thu Nov 12

  1. Rad: When there is “no tags” in the table, verify some of the original posts if they have tags

Tasks for Tue Nov 10

5) For all Ecoblogs sites: Daily quick check which blogs got updated. Hover over the menu to see.
If there is no new posts in last 7 days go to original site and check – FIXED

See more for Organisation