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#5 (Branding Expert)

Identify a Mentor or expert in branding, and set up a 15 minute conversation with them about your Final Name. During the conversation, spend five Minutes describing the Customer Problem and the Customer Archetype to the selected expert and show them any design materials that you have, including the logo. Ask them if they think that the Final Name and design will appeal to the Customer Archetype and to elaborate on their response. Write the name of the expert and their qualifications, along with one paragraph on the conclusions from the discussion. If the feedback is largely negative, consider another name from your Final Name List as the Final Name Candidate. (1 Hour)

I have scheduled two meetings with mentors, of which one with Erika on Thursday.
Moreover, I also asked my programming team in Ukraine that are very experienced in branding and logos from a technical point of view.
Mentor questions:
Some details with the name are still outstanding.
There are some detailed variants:
  1. RankUp
  2. RankUP
  3. Rank-Up (same as short internet domain)
  4. Rank-UP (UP in Upper Case)
  5. rank-up (lower case)
  6. Rank-Up dot link

These questions are closely related to Branding / Logo creation



  1. The customer is a 40 years old person that is likes new technology.
  2. He has a small websites in different languages, where he sells some products. ideally he does it in his second job
  3. He likes IT, uses the computer regularly.
  4. He sells a very particular type of products, a niche.
    He is convinced by this product. He faces the following problems:
  5. Main Issue: he does not sell enough, one reason is SEO
    a) Search engine optimisation is very expensive. A typical SEO campaign costs about 700 € per month. Usually one must run this campaign for many months, ideally forever.
    b) Moreover people do not know his product well. So he wants to show his product also to customers that usually would buy similar products.
    c) He has done very little SEO effort until now.


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