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Multiple Times in Newsletter


Same pages should be sent multiple times in the newsletter

I would like to send a page once again on the newsletter. The weekly update on sight deposits must be on the newsletter every week. But Mailpoet stores in his memory that the newsletter was already sent.



I opened a ticket at Mailpoet support

We weekly update a page with new economic data. Then we update also the Publication Date and implicitly the Modification Date.
We would like that Mailpoet sends the updated page each week again inside its newsletter.

Unfortunately Mailpoet stops sending this page, after the page has been published once. This makes Mailpoet quite useless and we think about getting the money back for our recently bought Premium Subscription. When we buy Premium, there should be also premium software.

The problem would be simple:
Mailpoet stores not only the post ID for the ones already sent. But it additionally stores the publication date when it sends the newsletter.

When I change the publication date for a page that had already been sent in a newsletter, then this page would be sent again.

Manual work-around:
Remove the page from the “Sent posts table in Mailpoet”. We entered a weekly task.

Details of this work-around: Name of table, etc.


Bad Sending Request

Mailpoet had a issue with their servers.

It is their problem, so the solution here was to wait a little bit.

MailPoet Bad Sending Request
S25d MailPoet Bad Sending Request

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No Recipients

The old newsletter did not reach any recipients. We are trying to send now with new pages.

Problem bacause of Gmail sending service. They blocked us for sending too many mails.

MailPoet to be Sent

Success Message

No success message

When we try to obtain a preview, there is no success message.

Problem with Gmail. We were blocked due to too many sent emails.

Mailpoet Sending Preview Did not Work



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