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V73 Location Script (Mig)

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Registry and Script Target Folders


Name Script Parameters Entry in User Shell Folders


Home Swiss: 

Home_C in G

BG/Laptop Default
under C:\users\<User>
for different
Personal Files
Account Pictures …\Account Pictures
Contacts F_Contacts {56784854-C6CB-462B-8169-88E350ACB882} Z:\Contacts ..\Contacts
Desktop F_Desktop Desktop G:\PDrive\comp\Desktop ..\Desktop
My documents F_Documents Personal Z:\Doc P:\Dat\Doc In ..\documents Docs must go later to master
Download F_Download {374DE290-123F-4565-9164-39C4925E467B} P:\SyncComp\$software ..\download
Favorites (Internet Expl.) F_Favorites Favorites G:\PDrive\comp\Favorites ..\favorites
Libraries F_Libraries {1B3EA5DC-B587-4786-B4EF-BD1DC332AEAE} G:\Pdrive\comp\Libraries
(now synched in Pcloud)
Document Libraries not in script, must set manually {7B0DB17D-9CD2-4A93-9733-46CC89022E7C} G:\Pdrive\comp\Libraries
Music Libraries not in script, must set manually {2112AB0A-C86A-4FFE-A368-0DE96E47012E}
Video Libraries not in script, must set manually {491E922F-5643-4AF4-A7EB-4E7A138D8174} ..\video
My Music F_Music P:\Dat\Audio P:\Dat\Audio ..\music must go later to master
My Pictures F_Pictures P:\SyncPhoto\Ordered
(new master on S and P)
My Video F_Videos P:\SyncTeam\LatestSprint
Application Data
AppData No change AppData NO CHANGE ..\roaming
Cache (Internet Explorer Cache) No change
Ccleaner can clean it
Cache NO CHANGE ..\Local\
Cookies (InternetExplorer Cookies) No change
Ccleaner can clean it
Cookies NO CHANGE ..\Local\
Local AppData No change Local AppData NO CHANGE
Program Links
Administrative Tools F_AdminTools Administrative Tools C:\prgs\prgs_C\Administrative Tools ..\Roaming\
Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\
Programs\Administrative Tools
All Programs F_All_Programs
not doing anymore
Programs  (in Shell Folders) c:\prgs\prgs_C
Programs F_Programs Programs c:\prgs\prgs_C ..\Roaming
\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
Startup F_startup Startup c:\prgs\prgs_C\startup
F_startmenu ..\Roaming
\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu
Computer Places
History F_History History NO CHANGE ..\Local\
Links F_Links G:\PDrive\comp\Links .\links
Network Shortcuts F_NetworkShortcuts NetHood G:\PDrive\comp\Network Shortcuts ..\Roaming\
Microsoft\Windows\Network Shortcuts
Printer Shortcuts F_Printer G:\PDrive\comp\Printer Shortcuts ..\Roaming
\Microsoft\Windows\Printer Shortcuts
Recent Items F_RecentItems Recent G:\PDrive\comp\Recent Items ..\Roaming
Searches F_Searches {7D1D3A04-DEBB-4115-95CF-2F29DA2920DA} G:\PDrive\comp\Searches ..\searches
F_SendTo SendTo G:\PDrive\comp\Send To ..\Roaming
Templates F_Templates Templates G:\PDrive\comp\Templates ..\Roaming
Temp Folder
Temp Folder HKCU\SYSTEM\Environment G:\temp


Videos and Pics

Batch script creating

Due to avoid doing the same manual task on different computers, we introduced a batch scripting, which taking care of changing location of different folders and moving content from one to another folder.

  • The script must have input parameters in to be filled in header of the script
  • It calls all needed commands
  • Must log in a file all output
  • Must create directory if missing
  • Must use variables for most of the paths




All of the path folders are stored in a variables in the beginning of the file.

There is stored the path of the log file, too.

Creating folders
The second part of the script is creating a folders if they do not exist and log the information into the log file.

Moving old content to new location
Then the script move all content from the old windows locations to the new one, which is stored on Cloud

Changing registry paths
Last part of the script is to change the registry paths stored in Windows Registry. The new path must be the same as parameters in the beginning stored on the cloud.
Replace with readable image via Notepad

Temp Folders

[Expected Functionality]

New User directory: sync:\!Dat\temp

System Templ c:\windows\temp


Expected Temp Folder on Elite

System Temp Script

Do not do that. Already restored the folder manually.


Change the temp folder for System

Temp Key directory:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment

Key names:




For two lines of code no unreadable screenshot need; paste readable text instead.

Windows Explorer Temp folder
Key Directory:Windows Explorer HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Explorer\VolumeCaches\Temporary FilesKey name:TEMPNew computer directory:sync:\!Comp\tempExplorer


Test 1:

  • Run it on a different windows installation
  • check the registry before the execution
  • execute the script
  • check the registry after the execution

Test 2:

  • On George-BG reset the registry with the scripts
  • Run it on a different windows installation
  • Check the registry before the execution
  • execute the script
  • check the registry after the exectuon


Logfile does not work when I execute it with admin

logfile needs full path, may use download folder or original folder

Fixed. Now the script can be run both ways.

This is not a solution description.

Execution for Non-Admins

The execution for Non-Admins is a bit more complicated. It does not help to log in as an administrator, but follow these steps.

Step 1: Make the normal user Admin (Change account type under users).

Step 2: Use the normal user and run the location script as admin

Step 3: Press CTRL ALT DEL. In a remote session, press CTRL ALT END, to open the task manager. Then run explorer.

Step 4: Verify the folders via RegEdit. You should have saved the user shell folders as favorite.

Step 5: Remove the admin right again for the user (see screen).



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