PRIV L20d Author Go-Live Bugs October

Page no: L20d

T1) Formatting issues

The text is written without breaks. The original is far more beautiful (see pic below)

Chapters, line breaks on posts are removed


For Wren-Lewis, the chapters and line break are removed.

Central Banks:

ECB   (only this one post, others work)


Same for Antonio Fatas


Same for Coppola

Same for Naked Keynesian


Same for Marc Chandler

Same for Charles Hugh Smith

 T2) Duplicated Post

on Bernanke  (Cheer)




The post ID 5601

Generates the following URL

Wrong URL:  (China Part 2)

Correct URL: but it should generate the URL

But it uses the Post ID 2890 of the duplicated post (China Part 1)

in Steve Keen

You can test that when you add 2 to stop words

Similar hare:

Daily Risk Monitor – November 20

T4) Strange pictures

How to remove these pics so that they do not come back:

Syndication: Economonitor

T5) Stop words

Check of 06 removes 6 from URL

but it should not remove 6

Daily Risk Monitor – November 20

Test on global macro monitor


T9) Blog is not updated

The blog does not have recent updates.


European: Economistmeg

Cheerleaders: The Telegraph


T11) Twitter Feed

There is one twitter feed, not reliable



T10) Rules for category pics

For single-author blogs use the author pics, potentially with the name of the blog on top.

For organizations, use the organization name inside the logo.


T15: Headings are not copied into ecoblogs but only simple text

Example on SNBCHF


T16: Backquotes are not copied into ecoblogs but only simple text

Original with backquotes

but it works on Telegraph

DONE on example


T18: Allow the HTML tags

We filtered HTML tags before, now they are in, documentation under How to Reload Posts to Feed Site

FIXED according to Rad’s retesting

T19:  Stop Words

All URLs of BIS are wrong.


is bad because 06oct and monetary is written in one word.

The stop words algo should translate “/” into “-” but is translates into an empty string.



See more for Organisation