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Mo30 Browser Extensions

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with Link to Chrome Add-ons site
Explanations……………………. Area Data Folder TypicalSpace Need Action Chrome(Vivaldi) Yandex Firefox Firefox
Password Tool not sensitive passwords Login via login 14MB X Bitwarden
Blocks sites where we should not go:
Vivaldi: Do not surf
Bookmarks should be only in one browser, Yandex BM available on all devices
X BlockSite
Cookie Auto-Delete
Delete cookie after I close the website Surfing Cookies Autodelete
For Whitelisted Sites
2.6MB Load Expressions

X X Cookie Aut-Delete Android
I don’t care about cookies
Disable cookie warning
for many website
Surfing No data 1.1MB X X Don’t care about cookies
Awesome Cookies Manager
Inspect cookies Surfing No data 100KB X Alternative: Cookie Manager


Disallows popups and other elements on website
(also tracking cookies)
Surfing No data 4.4MB X Alternative: Adblock Origin
Decentral Eyes pochfccmkkmhdbclfhpagapcfdljkj 

Protects you against tracking through “free”, centralised, content delivery.

Surfing No data and Decentraleyes
HTML5 autoblocker
Prevents website to play videos automatically Videos currently 1 site is whitelists 2.3MB X Alternative: HTML5 Autoplay


Youtube Adblocker
stops youtube videos from playing adds Videos No data ?? X Youtube Adblocker
Save tabs for later work
and share in a links page
Orga No data, save it only in a Link 1.1MB (X) X OneTab
Pomodoro Planning with Trello Orga via login 13.8MB X PomodoneApp
sort bookmarks
sorts the bookmarks when I click on the button Bookmarks No data 90KB X Bookmark Sort
Bookmark Backup
Bookmarks are on Yandex Bookmarks 55MB (OK)
Big data folders?
Backup: Only once a week Delete on Vivaldi
incl. data
X Inside Firefox


File converter
Converts Files No data X File Converter
Local links
Files No data 6KB Local FileSystem




Extensions Sync

Sync Firefox Enable
Sync Firefox Enable

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Sync FireFox Extensions via Pcloud

Sync FireFox Extensions
Sync FireFox Extensions

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Firefox Portable Enable Extensions

Information for Local Explorer for Firefox here.

Firefox Portable Enable Extensions
Firefox Portable Enable Extensions

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Run from Multiple Instances

Step1: Install portable Firefox to the desktop temporarily until the modifications to run multiple instances are finished. I have renamed the installed folder “Portable Firefox” solely for the purpose of these instructions. Name the folder whatever works best for you.

Step2: Once that is done, expand the installed folder using Windows Explorer or an equivalent app (Cubic Explorer pictured here) and find the Source folder. Portable Firefox —> Other —> Source.

INI File Path Location
INI File Path Location

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Step3: Inside the Source folder, you will find a file named “FirefoxPortable.ini”. This is the file that needs to be modified in order to run multiple instances. Note: This is also the location for the Readme.txt file that gives detailed descriptions for each of the options in the FirefoxPortable.ini file and where it needs to be placed after being modified.

Step4: Using your favorite text editor (Editra pictured here) to open the file, you can now make the necessary modifications.


INI File Configuration
INI File Configuration

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Step5: The first change to make will be to the “AllowMultipleInstances” option. The default setting is “false” and needs to be changed to “true”. Note: Make certain that “true” is lower-case only…

Step6: The second change concerns the portable apps splash screen and is optional. This is for those who do not want to see the splash screen display on startup. The default setting for “DisableSplashScreen” is “false” and needs to be changed to “true”. Notes: Make certain that “true” is lower-case here as well. This will not affect the Splash! extension if you wish to use it.


INI File Changed Configuration
INI File Changed Configuration

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Step7: Save the changes that have been made to the “FirefoxPortable.ini” file.

Step8: Once that is done, it is time to copy the “FirefoxPortable.ini” file to its new location.

Step9: Paste the “FirefoxPortable.ini” file into your main folder where the “FirefoxPortable.exe” is located (i.e. Portable Firefox).

Step10: Create a shortcut to the “FirefoxPortable.exe” file. Locate your new shortcut wherever is the most convenient for you.

Now you are ready to run your new portable version alongside your regularly installed version of Firefox and modify it with extensions and themes as desired. It will not access the extensions or themes that are associated with your regular install of Firefox.

Firefox Browser Extensions

(no trello link)

Extensions Sync via Cloud

Via Cloud

Extensions Sync via cloud


Secure Connection


HTTPS anywhere

Use HTTPS Anywhere on your browser

HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox, Chrome, and Opera extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure. Encrypt the web: Install HTTPS Everywhere today.

Many sites on the web offer some limited support for encryption over HTTPS, but make it difficult to use. For instance, they may default to unencrypted HTTP, or fill encrypted pages with links that go back to the unencrypted site.

The HTTPS Everywhere extension fixes these problems by rewriting all requests to these sites to HTTPS.

Use https everywhere browser extension

Use https everywhere browser extension

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