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P19 Delete Drafts with Attached Images

Page no: P19
Explanation Videos and Images

Regular Delete of Draft

  • George sends message that u can delete drafts
  • IN video u see how george selects posts that get not deleted
  • Possibly George gives URL / Tag for drafts that can be deleted
  • Example_: https://snbchf.com/niko/edit.php?post_status=draft&post_type=post&paged=3&tag=politics
  • requirement: Delete all drafts from 2017-2020
  • DB Backup is created
  • —– Processes
  • Choose all posts of a feed category
  • Select 50-200 drafts and delete them
  • open 2nd browser tab page2
  • open 3rd browser tab page3

Recursive Delete of Depending Objects

  • When we the draft, we should also:
  • Delete images imported with this draft
  • Delete the author if there are no other posts —> not in this plugin, can do manually
  • Delete the tags that not used by other posts, pages

Delete Draft Posts

  • Navigate to Draft posts
  • Enable to show more than 25 posts per page from top menu
  • Make it like 100 posts per page
  • Select all –> Quick edit –> Move to Trash –> Apply
  • Navigate to Trash
  • Click on Empty Trash at the very bottom
  • Everything inside each post is deleted, like images, links etc
  • Monitor the number of attachments in Media Library and see if the number gets lower

Delete Authors

  • Open Users and search for “meinbezirk”
  • This will filter all authors which are registered with this domain
  • Select whole page –> quick edit –> Delete
  • New Page will popup
  • If the user has posts –> 2 options will be available
  • Delete all content –> this will delete everything with the user
  • This is the option you want to click, before confirmation for deletion the user

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