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V25 Pcloud Problems/Solutions (mig)

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Solution for any Pcloud Problem

any type of problem

  • A. Pcloud not in sync
  • B. Remaining Files

Do one of the following

  1. Exit Pcloud and go into Pcloud again, restart computer
  2.  Delete the cache and go in again –> Test if this works
  3. (if 2 does not work) Delete the Database and go in again (Details on the page)
  4. (if 3 does not work) Login as a different user, maybe issue with data on account
  5. View Pcloud Frontend data
  6. Exit Pcloud, Delete Data and Reinstall Pcloud, see checklist below
  7. Install Debug Version
  8.  Ask Support, Debug Version  –> V24: Bugs 


This page is about solutions 1-3.

Pcloud Blocked, Restart

Pcloud is blocked.

Solution1: Restart Pcloud

Cache issues 

solution 2: Delete Cache

Cache Location

Pcloud now offers the possibility to set

  • Cache location (new)
  • Cache size

Option1: We should choose a quick drive.

C is often a SSD quick, but it has little space.


Directory of pcloud cache –> Move to a different drive that has more space.

Cache Location


Make Space for cache, if you have little space

  • Disable Pcloud start
  • Delete Pcloud cache (local, locallow, remote folder under user) –> Tuneup Space Explorer
  • Delete

Change cache Directory

Change cache Directory to g:\zzzPcloud Cache

On all computers pCloud is using the new cache folder now.


Delete Pcloud Database

solution 3

First do a manual sync with Total Commander V64 Regular Manual File Sync for sync each folder

Wait until Download / Upload have finished
(Exception some loads are stuck )

if downloads/upload remain stuck: Exit Pcloud, kill process
Windows Explorer Properties :Show hidden files

  1. In Windows explorer: Open Type %LOCALAPPDATA% in the address bar, this contains the Pcloud internal folder
  2. This will go to C:\Users\George\AppData\Local for user George
    Delete all files in the pcloud folder, in particular the data files
  3. Restart Pcloud
  4. Log in (all cached data is deleted)
  5. Pay attention when password file is on pcloud
  6. Remember login details
  7. Pcloud will load the DB Cache again
  8. After that must add all sync again: copy the syncs from other
  9. Then you create the syncs again.


Pcloud Delete DB Team User
Pcloud Delete DB Team User

- Click to enlarge

Problem: Account related issue

when Solution3 does not work
Login to the computer with a different Windows user
Run pcloud (store login)
Create syncs
Add an item

Pcloud Reinstall

Problem: I/O Device Error Pcloud

solution 6: Reinstall Pcloud

  • Go to the Task Manager -> Running apps -> Find pCloud.exe and end this process.
  • 2. Remove/Uninstall the current pCloud Drive version from your computer going to the installed apps.
  • 3. Uninstall Pcloud
  • 4. Open My computer -> Type %LOCALAPPDATA% in the address bar -> Tap on Enter -> Locate the folder named pCloud and delete it. Restart your system.
  • 5. Then install the new pCloud Drive version 3.8.0 You can find it here https://www.pcloud.com/download-free-online-cloud-file-storage.html

Pcloud Debug Version

solution7: Debug Version

  1. Remove the pCloud Drive from your Machine going to the installed apps.
  2. Download the debug version for your device:
  3. Debug for Windows 3.9.0 bit-32: Link to pcloud
  4. Debug for Windows 3.9.0 bit-64: Link to pcloud
  5. Install the Drive and create a folder called tmp in C://
  6. Try to reproduce the issue you are facing via detailed steps.
  7. After that in this folder tmp should be located a log file, please send it to us, and we will process the data from it. Could you also send us wpflog.log located in %localappdata%\pcloud ?




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