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1. Getting started with RoundTeam

  • Sign up via Twitter with Roundteam.co
  • Add a Retweet Function by clicking the + button
  • New RoundTeam Dashboard overview
  • Set up retweets from a Twitter List
  • Post Direct Messages as new Tweets

Trello Regular Task Dorgan Twitter Checks

2. New RoundTeam Dashboard overview


3. Set up retweets from a Twitter List

  • Create a List on Twitter with only the account you want to retweet. I recommend using ManageFlitter to quickly search Twitter for the right users (such as people with “digital marketing” in their bio) and clicking “Update List” on the bottom right.
  • Choose Retweet from List
  • Enter the appropriate info into the three fields that appear: Username, List Name, Keyword. (If you want to retweet everything, do not enter anything into Keyword)
  • Ta-da!
  • Optionally: Click the funnel icon on the right of the RT Function, select appropriate filters, such as how many per hour, no replies, no (English) profanity, etc
4. Post Direct Messages as new Tweets

Ecoblog List for Roundteam

Ecoblog List for Roundteam
S19 Ecoblog List for Roundteam

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Social Autoposter snbchf and retweet with Dorgang (roundteam)


How old are the posts, how many got tweeted?

Answer: Currently SNBCHF.com tweets one tweet on every 30 minutes. Roundteam is retweeting all snbchf.com posts in DorganG account.

Another issue is that Twittily is not working anymore on the blogs.


Is there a way to exclude Daily FX posts from some days ago? Similar to what twittily does with category exclusion, posts exclusion?

Answer: No, it does not. It will need a manual work from the team. They must add a tag or a category or sth. like that. Check the screen.




Autoposting Filters
Autoposting Filters

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Roundteam limitation on tweets per hour

Twitter: George Dorgan only Retweeting Swiss and Austrian but not others

Only 2 retweets per hour.

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It also tweets macro, snbchf and others. The problem of tweeting is the limit of max retweets per hour. Only 2 retweets per hour.

I change it to 5 now.

Now 5 retweets per hour.

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How we reduce tweeting

Currently we tweet everything from SNBCHF and Austrian (max. 5 tweets per hour)
New setup IFTT and new accounts

Trello Task

Due to limitation and not working applets, we had to re-setup everything

  • We use the new applets every in different accounts:
  • 1) For retweeting (connected dorgang twitter account)
  • 2) Twitter to FB (connected twitter snbchf & snbchf facebook page under George Dorgan FB account)


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