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PRIV O49 Doc Pages Cleanup

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Page no: O49

Doc Pages Cleanup


Video and Pics


This page is about cleaning up the order on our pages

  • Wrong order in one page
  • Text on wrong page
  • Other pages contain the keywords from this page

Tools for it

  • Red Text
  • Wrong Page snippet
  • Wrong Place snippet
  • Keywords / Wrong Place Checklist

How to find text that is on the wrong page.


We have 4 solutions for solving text that is on wrong pages:

A) Find wrong content on page

B) Go through all pages, one after another

C) Find matching keywords on other pages

D) Glossary

Solution A: Wrong Content on Current Page

Find wrong content on the pages we are working on. This is what we did till now with the Wrong Page snippet


Solution B: Go through all pages

Go through all pages, one after another and move to right page

Solution C: Same keyword on other pages

a) Choose keywords of this page: page, chapters, section.
b) Find them on other pages.
c) Use Keywords / Wrong Page checklist.


Solution D: Glossary

A glossary of keywords that give the pages where the keywords are contained. Possibly can be atomized.

Detailed Measures for Solution A and B

We use the following measures for solution A and B.

  • Red Text
  • wrong page snippet
  • wrong place snippet

Red Text

Red Text Page Cleanup

Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary:

  • Read red text. If there is a simple task in it –> Do what it says. For example: Move tiny table to right place, Move to page XXX in Red color.
  •  If there is a complex task which  you cannot do –> Add the red text checklist.
  • Remove red text after completion.

Examples for red text

Simple task is to be done.

  • Move tiny table to right place.
  • Move to page XXX in red color.




More above

Red Text inside Trello

If you don’t understand the red text –> Fill the red text checklist in Trello.

Red Text ChecklistMore above

Wrong Order inside Page

Cleanup Order Page Part1

Video Link To Trello

Trello Summary: Empty

Objective: Order row in doc page.

  • Write the keywords in title of chapters.

  • If new videos –> Choose the write page depending on the keywords.

  • Add missing summary for the latest uploaded new videos.

  • Use correct formats on O45 to write the summary.
  • Clean up the page with correct formatting rules.


step1: Cut table rows

step2: Paste Table Row before/after

Wrong Order inside page, Wrong Place

(no trello card)

Trello Summary: Empty

Use “Wrong Place” snippet if the order of the row inside a doc page is not correct.

If wrong place is written inside the row, order it to the right place depending on the table of content.

Right Page for Content

Find the right page, what to do if many pages match?

Example keyword:
Tiny Table

Based on example above there are three possibilities for the keywords:

  1. Trello Comments  –> This mean album O5x
  2. Images: I comment on the images –> album M0x (images inside WordPress)
  3. Tiny tables –> Plugin Page P13x

3) Team decided for P13  –> No, because the focus is not on the plugin functionality or a bug inside the plugin

2) It is not about WordPress Image library or something related with media.

1) Correct, it explains organization of Trello –> So it is O54 Trello, Comments on Attachment.

Move content to other page

Move Content to right pages

Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary:

  • Go through all content on the page –> Search for the keywords.
  • Based on the keywords look if they are on right page. (Generally, keywords are the words that are present in the menu section).
  • If there are little text leave it where it is.
  • Move bigger parts of content to the right page based on the keywords. For example: Community section on business plan page.


Option1: Copy mother page into subpage –> all rows of a table are copied

Option2: Just copy first rows

Option3: Possible to copy rows which are in the middle of the table –> sometimes does not work

Example for moving a page

Media Tools very Slow

This page is about performance problems      –> Move it to performance menu                     not about functionality of media tools



Page Cleanup Many Keywords

VIdeo Link to Trello

Trello Summary:

  • Watch the video –> Understand the most important keyword.

Wrong Page Checklist


Copy Chapters into Wrong page checklist.

Wrong Page Chapters
Wrong Page Chapters

- Click to enlarge

Step2: Search for keywords

Look for page name in other pages

Look for chapter name in other pages

Keywords Chapter Names Search on Blog
Keywords Chapter Names Search on Blog

- Click to enlarge

Site3: Fill Wrong page checklist on the card.

Ignore when the keyword is just found once or twice inside.

Do not ignore when the keywords is inside page, chaper,section name or when used a lot of time.

Only if you are not sure if it is right page.

Example: Mailpoet Newsletter is right page.

Wrong Page Checklist
Wrong Page Checklist

- Click to enlarge

Keywords comes after page number:


Monday Morning

Post scheduling

Old stuff: Keyword missing

Step5: Integrate into the page

Either George tells you, integrate into …

or you already know that it must go

Move things into this page (R55 example).
Order the page based on keywords / chapters.

Integrate Page
Integrate Page

- Click to enlarge

Video Name: Wrong Page Checklist


If you find keywords on other pages, put into checklist WRONG PAGE
and move content to this page

Search keywords with quote, like “Publishing Time”.
If you have doubts, then just put into checklist WRONG PAGE

Pages for Menu Cleanup

Menu Cleanup Pages

Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary: Empty

What are cleanup pages?

  • Cleanup pages contain videos and screens that explain how to organize pages inside this specific menu and albums.

What is the page number?

  • We use 99 or Z

It is no real content, it has a high order number, it comes last inside the menu.


Menu Pages

What is the page number and page name for cleanup pages for  main menu items ?

  • O99 Organization Menu for the Organization Menu (order number 990)
  • S99 Sales Menu for the Sales Menu (order number 990)

We use the character z and the order number 9 for items inside

  • P03z

More Above

About this page: Cleanup

Cleanup Doc Pages Content

Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary: Empty

The video explains how to reorder this page according to the table of content.



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