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The Pictured Category Widget allows to show images for each category on widgets. Its functionality is integrated either in Pictured Categories Light or Pictured Categories Pro.

Functionality 1: Show Category Picture for the Widget



Requirement: Show a thumbnail on top left or bottom right of widgets


FAZ Example
P07g FAZ Example

Case1: Thumbnail Bottom Right - Click to enlarge

Widget without Thumbnails
P07g Widget-without-Thumbnails

Case2: Thumbnail Top Left - Click to enlarge

Backend Functionality: Pro and Light Version

We provide an additional functionality to recent posts wizards  that are often available on the market.

Our additional functionality is to show category picture on the wizard.


The following screenshot contains a proposal how to distinguish between functionality for Pictured Category Light and Pictured Category Pro.

Pictured Category Widget
Pictured Category Widget

- Click to enlarge

Pro Functionality: Choice of Picture for Each Post

Usually widgets show the featured picture for each post . With our pictured category widget, we provide an additional option inside the Pictured Category Pro Version.

The user is able to choose whether we show:

  • Value 1 (Light version): Featured image for all the posts in the widget
  • Value 2 (Light version): No featured Image
  • Value3 (Pro version): The author avatar of the author of the posts

For the three values we better use a drop-down box.

2 or 3 Values
2 or 3 Values

- Click to enlarge

Multi-author blog

A multi-author blog would show the author avatar instead of the featured image for each post.

Syndicated Blog
P07g Syndicated-Blog

Picture Category Widget on Multi-Author-Blog - Click to enlarge

Author Images as Featured Images for each post
P07g Author Images as Featured Images for each post

London School of Economics uses Author Images as Featured Images for each post - Click to enlarge


Do the same thing as economic blogs

Step 1: Export

use a new export of to

Step2: categories as widget

use the categories that have a category picture and that are in the menu

do testing

I will take a look after that

Step3: Define Building Blocks with Site Origin

use the categories for building blocks that have a category picture and that are in the menu

do testing

I will take a look after that

Bugs and new functionality


B1) Save button

The Save button must save all wizards, not only the wizard where we are currently editing. If not “empty wizards” remain.

This is core WP functionality and we can’t do anything there. This will remain

B2) Category Pics do not show on Austrian


We must integrate the whole Pic cat plugin into Austrian – the widgets, the pic cat, the logos and etc. This must be done with Rad, so he will change the pic cat, widgets and etc with the new one.


F1) The “Order By” Parameter

Inside the wizard backend, we would like to specify the order of posts/pages.
Typical orders like publishing date, change date, author, … (what else?)


Empty Category Cat Wizard
P07g Empty-Category-Cat-Wizard

An empty category wizard - Click to enlarge

F2) Choice between pages, posts or both

The wizard shall show have a parameter
choices: posts, pages, both


F3) Category order in backend

In the backend we are able to choose exactly one category.

Requirement 1:
The categories shall be ordered by

  1.  category description ASC and
  2. category name ASC


We show the category name.

Requirement 2:
The hierarchy level shall be visible like when adding categories to the WP menu.

Category Order
P07g Category-Order

Showing categories hierarchically - Click to enlarge

Developer’s feedback

The specification looks good. it is possible to be done in that way.


See more for P5x Plugins for Categories