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D91 Cloudflare Benefits

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D91 Cloudflare Benefits



Cloudfare benefits

We will have some very, very good benefits:

I know we discussed this already, I forgot during the server discussion, I was sort of negative about Hetzner.

1) We will hide our real ip address behind Cloudflare’s.

This means that Hässig will not find out that our server is at Hetzner, but he only finds out Cloudfare.

This guy now knows that we are at Hetzner.

  • Yes, but we will have different abuse reports in the future. We need to think about them, not about this one. Here the problem is fixed.
2) We will not have abuse reports anymore. They can’t find our real server.

Yes, but abuse reports to Cloudfare.

  • This is not a problem. They are not strict.
3) Cloudflare is not a hosting company and it is not under the same law as Hetzner, so in case of Abuse… they told the client to go away.

So Cloudfare tells us to go away,  and we switch the DNS to another provider, and which one?

Another company like Cloudfare?  or directly to Hetzner?

  • CloudFlare don’t care about abuse reports. They will not tell us to go to another provider. They are just a DNS hosting, so it is not a problem for them. We never had single email about abuse report with Cloudflare.
4) In case of emergency, cloudflare dnses are pretty fast. We will need no more than 30 sec to refresh the dns cache and the site be opened from the new place.

New place means new DNS provider. The server remains at Hetzner.

  • No, new place means that we will keep our DNS provider (CF) and different server outside hetzner. Probably OVH France.
5) We will haveDDOS protection. If someone tried to crawl us or is a stupid bot, CF will block them. In case of DDOS attack, they handle it without problem.

  • Good

Cloudfare DocSite Down Error 502

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6) We will have a CDN with all of the benefits above.

Do we still need CDN?

Yes maybe because the images are not on Hetzner physically.

  • If we will get it for free, why not. It is faster than normal CDNS, because they prefetch the data due to that they are DNS provider, too.
7) It is a unique service, which will make our sites faster than ever.

1 year ago our sys guys did the procedure “in case of emergency”. They tried to setup a new server from the backup, using cloudflare and backups from the French server. They managed to start the new server and be accessible with one site, which was 50gb in about 15 minutes. This is perfect.

Block bots using Cloudflare


  • Go to the Firewall tab and then firewall rules and create a firewall rule


  • Enter the rule name
  • Select Field as User Agent, Operator as contains and value as the bot name you want to block
  • Use the or condition to add multiple bots in a single rule


  • Then select action as block and deploy


Question: How does SSL work on Cloudfare?

  • We will install our SSLs on CF. So everything will be fine.

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