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S71 Hotseats and Feedback

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#16 (Hotseat Pitch)

Update your one minute without slides and 3 minute with slides Hotseat Pitches with any learning and new materials this week, progress from the Weekly Update, and the latest Asks.


Video yourself giving your best Hotseat pitch, and upload the video online as unlisted and accessible. Paste the link to the unlisted video in the assignment here and also paste the link in the field on your homepage under Weekly Pitch. (30 Minutes)  

Pitch Feedbacks

  • Look into the camera, not down.
    try to record yourself, and see how you come across.
  • Remove the chart in the background. It is distracting.
  • Be Really Excited about the solution.
Thomas A.:
  • Emotional component: Money works
  • Must be investor pidge, not investor pidge
  • Follow template
  • Customer Pidge: Question first the customer
  • First build the relationship
  • Traction,
  • Where are customers, where are investors?
  • Swiss investors ?Daniel: Valueable feedback on Co-Founder vs. employee.
Julien: Explain first what SEO is.
Word: Smart Content Engine for the engine that automatically creates content
  • Improve GOogle Ranking by % –> into pitch
  • Map our solution compared to customers: Manual vs automatic, End to end vs. single step.
  • Go through the story.


Wording: Auto-Blogger for the engine that automatically creates content
–> I prefer this one against Julien’s proposal


Your opening must contain an exposition:

  1. A statement about the power of the search engine
  2. A quick reference to the importance of SEO for business owners + supporting statistics.  good statistics here – https://www.bigleap.com/services/seo-marketing/
  3. The reference to the difficulties experienced by business owners due to the complexity of the seo process.


the function and power of backlinks in seo + the dependency on content

Then talk about your solution and how it makes the process of seo simpler.


A reference to what you are looking for



See more for _SEOTeam