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Videos and Pics

When we are publishing videos, we do not have the category


We use the main category for feed category for the author.

Author might be in many feeds.
Author not an attribute in the feed and feedWP

How to find main and feed category


Look in Feed WP config and find feed category.



Count the number of posts.

Take the main category with most posts. –> 6. Austrian Economics
Take the sub category with most post. –> 6b. Claudio Grass

Why do this:

We do not like to use the special categories like

  • Negative Rates
  • Markets


Option2 preferred.

Claudio Gross 6b. Claudio Grass 45
6b. Negative Rates 10
6. Austrian Economics 40
6. Gold 12

For which users to publish

How do we know where to publish the categories?

  • All WordPress Users
  • Only authors, how to differentiate?


Change Category How To

  • Example 6b.) John Mauldin
  • 1) Add feed category for most channel contributors
  • 2) Add feed category for all existing posts
  • 3) Run Author Category –> Feed Category will be assigned
  • 4) Change Videos from existing category (3. Swiss News) –> Feed Category (6b. John Mauldin)
  • Remove Multiple Posts
  • Plugin that solves the problem

Other Contributors

  • —- Cleanup categry old posts
  • Find similar cases like this
  • If Old Author Cat is Main Category and New Author is Subcategory
  • –> Add subcat for all posts of this author
  • Link to User behind the name of author /category
  • Until Posts = 3
  • —- Category Mismatches
  • If Main category = 3, then the subcat cannot 6b,
  • Usually no change of main category allowed
  • –> Solution: double-check count number posts (example Matthew Allen)
  • —- Multiple Authors, Same Name
  • Delete authors with smaller Posts, assign content to one with posts
  • Check number posts before and after the deletion !!
  • How to:
  • 1) Order by Number Posts and search author in second window
  • 2) Order by name (230 pages), jump over 0 posts
  • –> but some authors with 0 posts might be our authors


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