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C23 Subscribers Cleanup

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Overview of Actions


Mailpoet Subscribers Cleanup

the video explains how we clean up the subscriber lists.

Date: 2022.04.10

We are moving videos into ordered Mailpoet Lists

Based on Status:

  • Bounced
  • Inactive
  • Unconfirmed


Action: Unconfirmed
Resend Confirmation Mail

or maybe change status



Subscribers Mailpoet Part2

Date: 2022.04.10



Watch only first 20 minutes

Please find the latest list namings here:



  • Unconfirmed: Resend confirmation Mail
  • Idenitify Spam Users —> List for spam users

Subscriber Lists

Dummies = Authors

  • Dummies with E-llusion email

Cannot delete them

Ideal: Find their real email.

Temporary: Dummies Authors


Dummies mails
Dummies mails

- Click to enlarge

Bounced Mails

Spam Subscribers

We have a maximum of 2000 subscribers for the free license. We had many spam subscribers.

Most of them are inside Bounced Mail.

Spam Subscribers are all bounced mail addresses minus our authors.

We can delete them if they are not authors.


Spam Subscribers
Spam Subscribers

- Click to enlarge

Delete Bounced Subscribers

1) Firstly using the Database GUI, we deleted automatically all bounced, not subscribed and not confirmed users.

More than 1800 not used subscribers.

Put the SQLs here:


Delete FROM `vl61aop_mailpoet_subscribers`
where status = ‘bounced’


Delete FROM `vl61aop_mailpoet_subscribers`
where status = ‘unsubscribed’


Delete FROM `vl61aop_mailpoet_subscribers`
where status = ‘unconfirmed’


Bounced Mails with real authors

Case 1: 

Wp Dummy Authors –> Bounced




Real Email Address: FirstName.LastName@Company


Mistake in email address
difficult if many pages (22 pages currently)


Go through all rejected mail and correct the mail based on user site.


[email protected] could be [email protected]
[email protected] and many more without www
[email protected]



[email protected]

[email protected]




1st hour / 20 subscribers fixed

2nd hour / ?? subscribers fixed

Case 2: Go through all bounced mails that are WordPress Users

Move them into l list

— > Bounced WP Users Not Authors

Action: Delete WP User, provide that he/she is subscriber and no posts.

Video: C23 MailPoet Bounced Status
Date: 2022.04.10Video explaining  the cleanup of the subscribers with status “bounced”

Inactive Status



Move to subscribed status again.

Action pending.


Unconfirmed Status

Mailpoet changed status of SNB Mailpoet Subscribers to Unconfirmed.

Change status to “Subscribed” for the list

  • Mailpoet SNBCHF Subscribers


Video: See video above

SNBCHF Subscribers

Original list from MailPoet.

Not sending to mail to subscribers


This is a subscriber. He has never received a mail

They are not on the subscriber emails.

Add both lists: WordPress users and SNBCHF Subscribers


Subscribers Mailpoet Part2

Date: 2022.04.10


  • start @ 20 minutes time in the video
  • Mails are sent to wrong list “WordPress Users”  but not SNBCHF Subscribers

Write apology mail.


Special Newsletter

WordPress Users


Date 2022.04.10

Sync WordPress Subscribers with Mailpoet


Force Sync WordPress against MailPoet

WordPress Users


Result 5,344 / 2,000 subscribers in your plan

of which 3749 are WordPress users.

Step1: Pay MailPoet Newsletter

Until 2000 subscribers, it is free.

Bounced status does not count.

We now have 5340, I brought it down to 4466.


see latest lists

We can reduce another 1000, when we change our authors to bounced status.

Step2: Move into right list.

for all unconfirmed status and WordPress users

Move into the following 2 lists:

WP Subscribers, Not Authors

WP Dummy Authors–>Bounced

keywords: E-llusion, snbchf, mises, swissinfo, @www., -and-,  for finding authors




This video explains how to distinguish between contributors and subscribers, which we cannot easily identify.


Contributors go into WP WP Dummy Authors–>Bounced

Subscribers go into WP Subscribers, Not Authors


Step 3)

Change status when status = Unconfirmed

for all members of WP Dummy Author

Set status = Bounced for E-llusion mail, mises mail

But do not do this when status is Confirmed



Now we should fixed the problem with our newsletter 


Step5: only for people in WP Subscribers, Not Authors

Change into Confirmed

a) Send confirmation mail..




Unconfirmed users become confirmed.






Step6: Send Newsletter.


Step5: Identify bounced based bounced newsletter


Step6: Delete Bounced
Delete Mailpoet Subscriber.
Nice to have: Delete WordPress user





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