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Web Summit started as a simple idea in 2010: Let’s connect the technology community with all industries, both old and new. It seemed to resonate. Web Summit has grown to become the “largest technology conference in the world”.

No conference has ever grown so large so fast. But we also pride ourselves in organising the “best technology conference on the planet”.

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WebSummit central stage

The future of IT

  • Many chat bots for customer care
  • AI is the future of the IT
  • There are a lot of startups, which get a lot of finance
  • Cryptocurrencies are in the beginning
  • Blockchain technlogy will become the next big thing
  • Self driving cars will be available after 1 to 2 year

Chat bots

The FB Messanger’s manager had a presentation about the new features in FB Messangers. He explained that you can already add FB Chat button in your website. And a bot can take care about questions and orders from the clients.

Many startups are chat bots, which can start doing the “customer care” and this saves a lot of money to the companies.

FB Messanger manager

AI is the future of the IT

1/3 of all presentation were about different prospective of AI. But Artificial Intelligent definitely will be the future. One of the presentation was presented by one human and one robot. Many jobs will disappear or be slightly changed like Web Designers. Currently Adobe is developing a software, which can produce a pre-ready designs, based on the requirements. This will change the whole web designer profession.


–> I do not believe in AI. I studied it. It is still not a lot further than 20 years ago.

Far more important is human learning.

The future is AI


There are a lot of startups on WebSummit. 1200 per day, 3600 total. Many of them get finance by investors or hedge fund. We should investigate more.

–> I considered funding by the EU. Investors want a lot of money, high percentage, better finance it myself. Useful later when going public: when creating a stock.


Cryptocurrencies is not just a Bitcoin. Bitcoin is definitely a bubble. But…

Bubble correct.

But there are a lot of alternative cryptocurrencies with huge application in the whole IT industry. You can rent the computer power with cryptocurrency and use it for whatever you want. For example to host your website. Absolutely 100% uptime due to many computers from cryptocurrency network. And no one can control or stop your website.

–> This is distributed computing.

For example due to copyright issues. Or you can rent the server power to rend your video in 5 minutes, not in 24 hours.

–> Idea was to use our Feed import to run multiple distributed computers in real-time.

Nobody can take your site down, if they are made up of a computer network.
+ some DNS like cloudfare.

There are cryptocurrencies, which the transfer tax is 0. So you can send as many transaction as you want for free. This can lead to whole new era in IT. For example your fridge can buy you every monday a fresh milk without control of you.


Ethereum co-founder presentation


Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrencies. Currently most of the banks are testing and investing a lot of money in blockchain projects. This can change the whole bank sector. Using blockchain they can transfer money with very low commission fee. They can use it for all accounting stuff. The main feature is that when something is in blockchain, it can’t be deleted or changed.

On Websummit there were one bank. I don’t remember the name of the bank, but it was from Estonia. They are currently finishing development blockchain project for transferring money fast and without fees.

–> Blockchain is essentially about memorizing the history of a transaction. 


Self-driving cars

Many companies are working on self-driving cars and they are in the final stage. They are testing and improving their products. In California you can see many self-driving cars. Soon they will be in massive production.

Strangely, but people are tend to trust in self-driving cars more than cars driven by human.

–> People should look after the health and go by bike instead by car.

self driving cars


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