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Associate ID on Amazon

We have changed our Amazon associates ID, we do not use any more the American shop (Amazon.com), but the UK one (Amazon.co.uk).

  • Copy From Keepass only current ones
  • De: Yes, possible to buy English from German Site, Yes but API issues
  • Do we need different IDs?
  • Probably we need to create a new ID
  • 3 Associate IDs: ecoblogs, critical author, snbchf, no need to differentiate,
  • Problem: Accounts will be deleted if no purchase, with less accounts less deletion
  • Associate IDs mail must be accessible for George and Niki (do not use Niki personal), Amazon might ask mail confirmation
  • New alias [email protected] Niki has access to the mail

Our Amazon Associates  Login

This is our Amazon Associate login.

Password as usual on Keepass (Team File).

We don’t need different IDs,


ID Site Account / Mail Address Amazon Site Testing
snbchf-21 snbchf.com
[email protected] Niki’s home address amazon.co.uk Amazon UK Yes
snbchf07-21 snbchf.com and eco blogs [email protected] Amazon.com Amazon US No
snbchf0d-21 Swiss eco blog [email protected] Amazon.de No


Amazon UK instead Amazon Com

The longer video.

Expired accounts

Other amazons got disabled. API keys expired very soon after implementation.

We must be fast and buy books in the same week we create the account

Amazon Country

  • need link with approved account from our sites
  • Swiss ecoblogs —> same account, Amazon.de
  • Ecoblogs is for Europe readers –> Amazon.co.uk (Amazon.com)
  • SNBCHF –> Amazon.de
  • Need to verify: How many amazon sites you can integrate -> as many as we want
  • Idea: English book Amazon.co.uk,
  • German Book –> Amazon.de
  • don’t lose much time 1 or 2 pomo (with last 2 points)
  • 2 plugins: Book Snippet, Amazon Book Loader
  • Current assumption: Only one account, But links may go into different Amazon shops

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