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Buy Additional Domains, yes or no?

As you own a very similar domain I was wondering whether you’d be interested in securing austrianeconomicblogs.com so you can redirect/integrate it with your website?

You can easily do the following, and more…

  • * Redirect/integrate the domain name with your existing website.
  • * Greatly improve your search engine rankings and attract additional visitors.
  • * Enhance your worldwide image and reputation as a austrianeconomicblogs.com
  • * Capture misdirected emails from clients that might otherwise be lost.
  • * Boost the overall value of your brand and business.


  • macroeconomicblogs
  • swisseconomicblogs.com

  • Google finds the good content without having appealing URL

Niki Comment:

  • No needed. The domain names are not important for SEO. The history and the age of the domains are the most important criteria. Also if there are links it is good.
  • Buying just a beauty name domain is stupid.

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