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Video and Pics

Author Snippet / About Box

Person Name is featured

Politicians –> Use Image

  • We only images of politicians (example Trump, Merkel)
  • Less important journalists, but we put the person tag (example)

Other People, Featured –> Use the About Box

  • Talking about this person
  • Example: Person name in Title of post

But for anybody who could be an author we use the author snippets.


Example Usage:

Put Screenshot of About Box in Backend

The About Box is an application of the Follow Author plugin.

Why Application?

  • Because we use the author text “about”.




Use About Box when Person Name is Featured. like in Post Title
Person Name Fe


R40 Do not use Image, but About Box


We do not put the image of the featured person,

but we use the About box.


Needed Data

Same as Authors.

But we use the author text “about”. 

Must enter it with edit.



 R42 About Box, Needed Data


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