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O61 PowerUps Howto

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How to add new plugins

  • Add new add-ons from “Get More Power-Ups” button –> under Attachment button in opened Trello Task
  • New window will popup with search option of add-ons
  • example: Agile Tool

For Customer Powerup see the Custom Powerup page

Powerup Limitations

Limitation in number of PowerUps


Video Name: O61 Trello PowerUps More than 3


    1. Move to Business Class workspace (WordPress Company)
    2. Upload all custom Powerups to each workspace (see checklist above)
      The customer Powerups are visible only in the same Workspace.
      Most important one is WordPressComp (business class).
    3. Enable first the custom powerups: Merge, Set Page Num, Total Costs, Empty Trash
  1. Enable other Powerups: Cronofy, Custom Fields, Calendar
  2. Move back into Free workspace (quota 3 powerups)
  3. Enable the custom Powerups again, but given that they enabled before, this is no problem.

Power Ups vs. Browser Extensions

  • Con: Execute Java Script –> Make Trello Slower, opening of board is slow
  • Con: Has different order by user –> must execute for each user
  • — Ultimello
  • — Trello manual
  • Pro: is equal for each user
  • Con: must be re-executed when new cards arrive after butler execution
  • Pro: No need to execute when new cards arrive after butler execution
  • Pro: Must be executed only once
  • — Trello Butler
  • Pro: Butler execution integrates alphabetical order (backlogs only)
  • Con: Additional command that affects Trello Quota. However it remains single command (which is our bottleneck): we got 7 operations inside one command

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