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Domain Analysis

First analysis

Current Website:

We are currently using the domain
SNBCHF.COM (in the #2 Customer Segment Authors)
with a Domain Authority of 46 (according to Moz.com).
1) Should we use SEO.SNBCHF.COM ?
SEO.SNBCHF is only valuable for a start.
Do we need existing domain authority (eg. SNBCHF.com) so that people find “the best SEO site”?


Name Centric

Domain authority on the company web site’s domain is not needed, because this is what our company does, namely to increase domain authority.

We drastically improves the authority of the company website by creating backlinks.

Company Name

#8 (Name Evaluation)

Evaluate the current name for your business.

Write the current name for your business and provide a couple of sentences on why this is strong name.

Write at least two other names that you considered for the business, and provide a couple of sentences on the strengths of these names. Send the list of at least three names to your Working Group and solicit feedback. Provide a bulleted list of any feedback below the business name that includes the name of the Working Group member. (1 Hour)

Product-Centric Names

3) AutoBacklinks
The notion “Auto” is rather a technical one, from the customer perspective it should be easy.
4a) EasySEO
4b) AutoSEO
SEO or Backlinks: Discussion from Blasters discussion.
SEO has the argument that it is easier to remember for investors (but only investors).
But we are creating a tool for backlinks, but we are not a full-fledged SEO company.
Moreover, there so many SEO companies.
Length of Website URL:
Easybacklinks is a bit long
fi.co, for example,  is short (but nobody understands what it is reading the URL).
What about EBL.COM ?Website owner evaluation
The domains ebl.com and easybacklinks.com are taken.
Final Suggestions:
  1. ebl.io abbreviation, .io is the startups domain extension
  2. easy-backlinks.com = It explains the idea easily from the domain + the keyword is in the domain
This amounts to Short URL versus Meaningful URL:
Our customers are IT professionals. They store bookmarks on the browser or type the keyword “backlink”.
So we do should not overrate argument of having a short URL. Moreover there some (but limited) SEO effect of having the keyword inside the URL.

Importance of Naming

NOTE: Naming is very important.

The initial success of your business will be determined by the quality of your name.

As a new company, the name of your solution and the name of your business need to be the same, since you cannot afford the marketing dollars to establish two brands at once.

#1 (Final Name List) Provide the list of names that you have considered for your business. Provide a bulleted list of at least three Name Candidates that you have considered using for your business. Place the name that you have chosen at the top, which will be your Final Name Candidate. Rank order the other names. Write one sentence on why each name is good, as well as a second sentence on the potential problems with the name. (1 Hour)


Our initial customers are smaller companies and NOT SEO agencies.
In the previous section, we rather considered “Product-centric names” like
  • AutoBacklinks, EasyBacklinks, EasySEO, etc.
  • Actually a SEO Agency might have problem with insufficient number of backlinks to their clients.
    However, small companies simply want to have a better Google ranking (what at the end the SEO agency also wants).
    Interestingly most competitors use the product centric names related to backlinks or SEO.
Customer Problem Centric Names: 
  • Finally we opted for the following
Customer Centric Names:
  1. ranking-up
  2. google-up
  3. rankUP
Google-up was not good, because there is a Google product related to it.
Ranking-up was a bit long, so we decided for rankUP.Moreover there are domains available, which are

The word Link also contains our product, namely to provide an automated way for generating backlinks.Both customer problem and solution/product in one, still the ending Link can be used for other customer problems, too.








#2 (Competitor Names)

Founders (5)

Examine the company names of competitors. Use multiple web and mobile application search platforms, such as Google, Linkedin, CrunchBase, AngelList and the App Store, to identify at least 15 companies with a competing offering, in a related industry, or with a similar value proposition in a different industry. Rank order the names in terms of memorability, ease of pronunciation and applicability to the market. Write the name of the company in order, the URL for the company and one sentence on why you like or dislike the company name. (1 Hour)

 The linked table contains the domain analysis for competitors.

There are 3 groups of names

  1. Focus on the product / service that they deliver.
    Examples: SEO.co, Stellar SEO, Linkology
  2. Focus on the customer problem
    Examples: PageOnePower,HigherVisibility
  3. Combination of something funny to remember and the services.
    Example: LinkFish
  4. Focus on a speciality
    Example: VerticalMeasures,
  5. Not related to product or customer problem, but rather a name that remains.
    Examples: FatJoe, The HothWe have not encountered anything that contains both customer problem and product.

#3 (Name Failure)

from Founders (5)

Spend some time to reflect on why your Final Name Candidate may fail to get brand recognition or fail to resonate with your target customers.

Is it too hard to pronounce?

Is it too hard to remember?

Is the domain too complicated?

Is it too abstract?

Is it too literal?

How does it compare to the names of other companies in the space?

Write one paragraph that outlines your concerns on why the Final Name Candidate will fail. If the concerns are serious, consider another name from your Final Name List as the Final Name Candidate. (1 Hour)


Rank UP Link (alternatively ranking-up.link)

Is it too hard to pronounce?
No, easy to pronounce.
Is it too hard to remember?
No, very short name.
Is the domain too complicated?

rank-up.link is a nice short name

Is it too abstract?
No it describe the customer problem, namely to obtain a higher ranking.
Sure Google is not contained. So people might think about a university ranking, or anything else that has a ranking.
It also contains the product, we provide backlinks to the customer sites.
Is it too literal?

No, it is rather short and easy.

last considerations:
I might need to consult another English speaker
Ranking-up versus rank.up
Misspeller: Rack up is not negative.

Internet search:

Rankup – a game- allows players to “rank up” from one group to another, by satisfying certain requirements – such as experience, playtime, or money
Another game where you play “rank up”.

Rank up in Overwatch:
To “rank up” in games is important

Rank up in Football

 –> source and pons

1) While playing, you gain experience points and rank up. 
2) Face your opponents online and rank up your hierarchy to win more efficient troops and equipment.


3) Master each car in your own time , in any order to earn Speed Points and rank up .

All these statements are consistent with our proposition but – still not exactly your domain.
There is no domain/area that dominates rank up.


#6 (Final Name)

from Founders (5)

Consider all of the feedback you have received and select your Final Name. Refine your one sentence pitch using the Madlibs format with the Final Name (https://FI.co/madlibs) and pitch your business to at least 10 random individuals using the Madlibs format. At the end of your pitch, ask the individuals to repeat the Final Name back to you and spell the Final Name. Ask the individual to say if they have a positive, a negative or an indifferent reaction to the Final Name. Provide a bulleted list that contains if each of the individuals was able to recall and spell the name, as well as their positive, negative or indifferent reaction to the name. If at least 30% of the random individuals cannot recall the name, if they have negative impressions of the name or if they can not spell the name, consider another name from your Final Name List as the Final Name Candidate and repeat this exercise. (1 Hour)

my Company : RankUP
is developing: WordPress solutions
to help: Small companies that do not do SEO because of high costs
to rank up in search engines and keep costs under control

with automatic links to the customer site based on always new generated content

The major feedback that I received:

  • Isn’t “ranking” clearer?
    Rank is  maybe too short.
  • Can Google be contained in the name?
  • An English speaker must verify.
The feedback was mostly positive, >80%.
They could recall, they could spell it.open Question: Should I name “RankUp Dot Link”?

Rebranding to Innobia


Dear George, good progress on a number of fronts. I like the thinking behind branding the company Innobia rather than RankUp and using Rankup as a product branding. I applaud your decision to pivot and change your plans, it is never an easy call to make. I do worry if Innobia is available – I remember a company Innovia, could they prevent you from using a name that sounds so similar it could be confused? – but I trust you have checked that.


As for the name, you can see that a name is allowed as soon as there is one single letter that differs.

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