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S37 Promote Author Company

Page no: S37


An example is ungleich.ch


Flip Template

We use the flip template but adapt it.



I have added the plugin descriptions and replaced the existing portfolio.

Our people


  1. Add our people. Does not need to be complete. We can use existing photos, but names must be correct.


  2. Add a play/stop video button, available on all pages.

    Pricing Info

  3. Remove Pricing Info from the menu. I trashed the page, you can recover it.

    Contact Us

  4. Update the Google Map address/picture to
    Churerstrasse 160a
    8808 Pfäffikon SZ

    Our Products

  5. Make the “our products” page simpler, based on this expanded fronts page with small pics for plugins.
  6. In particular, use small pics for the plugins and not the massive landscape pictures.
  7. To find pictures is relative easy with Google Search.
    I found a stop symbol when I searched Stop Words in Google Search
    Then I added the words “Remove” and “Words”

Stop Symbol
S01 Stop Symbol

- Click to enlarge

  1. For tomorrow not all thumbnails need to be ready. We can use a screenshot instead.
  2. Use the pro symbol from Expanded Fronts for pro versions.

Pro Symbol
S01 Pro Symbol

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