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Twitter Notifications
Author Company
SNBCHF The SNB & CHF Blog @snbchf [email protected] No XPlovid Only
Economic Blogs Economic Blogs @economicfeed g[email protected]

change email to ecoblogs

[email protected]

(could not find this twitter)

–> lost password, send PW via Mail

No Stop them
Austrian Austrian_blogs @Austrian_blogs [email protected] No XPlovid Stopped
Central-Banks centralbanks_ @centralbanks_ [email protected] No X Plovid Stopped
European European_blogs [email protected] No XPlovid Stopped
Leaders leaders.ecoblogs [email protected]  George Stopped
Leaders [email protected] No
Heterodox heterodox_blogs heterodox.[email protected] No  George Stopped
Macro macro_blogs [email protected] No  George Stopped
Swiss SwissEcoblogs [email protected] No  George Stopped
Promote Author PromoteAuthors @PromoteAuthors [email protected] No Stopped
Crypto Blog Crypto @cryptoblog4 [email protected] No Stopped
SEO Company    






Here are the dummies.



 Video and Pics

Handle and Account Name

Twitter Handle and Twitter Account Name

  • explain the difference with a screenshot


Some people use the terms Twitter handle, username and name interchangeably. Your Twitter handle and username are the same thing. They’re what comes after the “@” sign and appears in your profile URL. It’s unique to your account, and no two are the same.

Your name on the other hand, does not have to be unique. It’s what helps people find the people and businesses they’re looking for, even if they don’t know your Twitter handle.

As long as your company’s name is less than 20 characters long, you’ll always be able to use it as your Twitter name. Your username/handle is another story.

Twitter handle

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Handle vs. Name

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Time Zone and Content Country

Usually use Berlin/Germany.

Just European is Brussels/Belgium.


blogs.economy should receive the mails from the other accounts

So that we need only one Thunderbird accounts.

Do the config inside Gmail. –> Link to Gmail Secondary Accounts page

put the screen for linking the solution



Account Suspended

Twitter Accounts Suspended

Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary: Empty

Twitter Fields on European

Q: Filled how many authors do not have twitter

A: There are 99 users without twitter till page 15 (users with 2 posts) on European ecoblog.

Logins in Keepass

The following fields must be in Keepass:

  • Login  –> Never ever use Emails as login!!
  • Password
  • Telephone (under URL)
  • Email under Notes

Twitter Accounts into Keepass
Twitter Accounts into Keepass

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Swiss Ecoblogs

Here are some suggestion about the new twitter username of Swiss Ecoblog


The name of the twitter account is changed to SwssEcoblog



I created two allies [email protected] & [email protected], because the first one was already in use.

What are the twitter account?

The twitter account name is SwissEcoblog

What are the mail alias?

[email protected] and [email protected]

Explain why we decided to use gmail and not e-llusion mail for blogs?

No reason, e-llusion mails are powered by Gmail. It is George’s decision and he need to explain why.



We will not create a new account, we will just change the username displayed for the old account.

Mark the bad handle in the table

Twitter Change Password

Twitter Change Password
Twitter Change Password

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Keepass Email Not changed

Keepass Email Not changed
Keepass Email Not changed

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