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O52c Old Sprints

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Videos and Pics


The old sprints team with the old boards.

The boards are empty except tasks that can be closed, hence not relevant for the backlog; never touched again.

Move from Old Sprints into Backlog

  1. First George decides which tasks can be closed, he usually moves them into a CLOSED list.
  2. Team moves all not closed tasks into right Backlog, this includes the DONE tasks
  3. Exception Regular Ecoblogs Testing –> Rename into CLOSED
  4. If task is done (but not closed)–> Team changes color to blue (dark or light blue no difference)
  5. When all tasks are closed only, then team renames the board with Y.

Rename only after all cards are CLOSED
O52 Old Boards

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Closed and not closed lists

Some examples for closed and not closed lists.

Closed, not Closed Lists
O52 Closed, not Closed Lists


Color of DONE cards

Change the color of DONE tasks before you move into backlog boards

DONE Lists (not CLOSED(: Change to Blue Color
O52 DONE Lists, Change to Blue Color


video: Old Sprints Move into right BL Sprint 

This is the video.

Explanation: Above


Regular Check

Trello Regular Task Archive Boards

Green Tasks Column

  • Keep green tasks in Board, they are closed forever
  • NO! George makes closed tasks into Green Label –> This is column Called Green
  • Team makes tasks Green label
  • Green Tasks (with green label) stays in same sprint

Trello Tasks Closed
Trello Tasks Closed

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  • Move not green ones into right backlog
  • Go through old sprints: George Defines which sprints, usually the latest one
  • Column Backlog
  • Look at the name of the task –> Move to Backlog related to the Task

Trello Tasks for Backlog
Trello Tasks for Backlog

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Archive Boards

  • Go through all Backlogs
  • (which are withouth (old) in names)
  • Create all input column/lists for each BL
  • INPUT column is first column
  • Go to Old Sprints Team
  • Open Sprint by Sprint
  • Move tasks into right BL according keywords (see our menu)
  • Move it into INPUT column inside right BL
  • For CLOSED columns for closed tasks, simply archive the whole list
  • Tasks in “Task & Doc DONE, George Testing” Column –> put Dark Blue Label and move them to right backlog
  • When sprint is empty –> Type in his name “EM” at the begging
  • “EM” means empty

Archived Boards
Archived Boards

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