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MadLibs Format



Customer Segment 1:
my Company : EasyBacklinks
is developing: WordPress solutions
to help: Companies
to increase their SEO
with automatic text loading and backlink building.Extend to the millions: Both workers and customers and customers of customers are involved, therefore the impact may go into the millions


Object Attribute (optional)
Action (optional)
Business idea Syndication business idea
  • Attribute: Software we have
  • Attribute: Business model
  • Attribute: Payment
  • Attribute: Article bank
  • Attribute: Needs
Unique Duplicated Content
  • Attribute: TOC
  • Attribute: Article spinner
  • Attribute:
#6 (Product Progress) For your Main Customer Problem, describe the product progress made to date. Provide a bulleted list of mockups, websites, apps, collateral, circuit diagrams, scale drawings, videos or recent product releases that you have built or are building. For each item, provide links and write a couple of sentences explaining how the item needs to be improved. (1 Hour)

Syndication business idea

Customer Segment 1: EasyBacklinks, Automatic SEO Improvements
Presentation Link

What we have?

Asset: Software we have

We can go into different directions with the software:

  • Consultancy
  • Sell software
  • SAAS – sell blog to business owners
    Blog on our site, integrated into client domain

    • blog is redirected to our sit
    • subdomain redirection




Link to Product Development Plan.

Excerpts / Tag Archives takes only some part of the post, an excerpt this can be a solution.

Image Bank

Then with an image bank we can also change the image and all of our clients will have unique spinned contend.

Articles bank

Exactly like, which is image bank. We can have a library of 500 articles for example and our clients will pay small amount to use article.

Article Spinner

Details here


What is needed for prototype?

SEO Companies:

  • Spinning software:  Because this is the main feature they are interested in.
  • GUI: They need to look around the software and see if their team can use it.
  • Presentation / Conpany site: They need to see the features. Many of our features are hidden and the only way we will make them our clients is to present these features. They will be interested in all Syndication Tools options like images or linking articles.



Small clients:

We have a good prototype for small clients. They are interested in the blog and content, not the features behind. Possibly spinning because of copyright issues. But definitely not a must.


#8 Switching Costs


Based on your work to Interview Competitor Customers, write a few sentences about your thoughts on the amount of time and any related costs that a target customer might incur by switching to your solution from alternative solutions.

Write another few sentences on how your solution will be multiple times better, faster or cheaper than alternative solutions. (1 Hour)


Our customer archetype

  1. does Offsite SEO by distributing his own articles to various websites.
  2. done Offsite SEO with a professional SEO company longer time ago, but not refreshed due to high prices.
  3. Never done Offsite SEO, due to knowledge or price issues.

We are better because

  1. We tell him that his content will be continuously republished, but we also can publish similar content to his one – and this with a lot less work than he has today.
  2. We offer half or lower than the price he paid.
  3. We try to teach such kind of clients that Offsite SEO is important and not so expensive as he thought.



Where are your opportunities to present a solution in a way that your competitors haven’t thought of?

Heck, do you even know who your competitors are?

If you’re honest with the assessment of the market and your place in it, and all signs point to move ahead, then don’t be afraid to tinker with your idea so you continually stay ahead of the curve. The best way to do that is by gauging reactions of your target audience. The single most important thing you can do as a startup is to identify the whitespace.

If you do, and they’re owning the space, why? Perhaps most importantly, are you leaving any opportunities on the table? Is there another segment of the market your idea is a better fit for or one you could expand into?


This is a unique niche. We searched the whole internet and there is no similar service.Possibly our competitors are spinning software. But their idea is very basic.

What are you all about?

Step back and think of the reasons you’re pursuing this venture. You had an idea that solves a problem, and if you solve a problem, you change the world, right?



Don’t be afraid to think from this lofty perch, but you and your team have to be rooted in the ‘why’ of what you’re doing.

Your startup’s purpose will help shape your story and give your team one central vision to rally around. I’m willing to hypothesize that 90 percent of startups fail to unify their reasons for existing, and starting from a discombobulated position is a recipe for disaster. Only when you’re aligned internally are you ready to share your message with the masses.

Keep in mind, you are building a business, not just an idea. Gaining market intelligence to validate whether or not an opportunity exists before you start developing a strategy will save you time, money, and resources, and ensure you build something your end users love.


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