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S44 Comment Spam

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Comment Spam Protection



Usually we use the following settings ion Akismet. After a certain period, spam is deleted.

If however, if we want that only the worst spam is deleted (Option 1), then we do the following:

We must lean out remaining spam comments on all our websites.

A spam comment is when for this comment a

1) Cleantalk ID exists AND
2) Flagged as spam by Akismet

The first comment below does not have a cleantalk ID and is not flagged as spam by Akismet. We “approve” the comment.
The comment is actually a trackback/ping back and very good for off-site SEO, because it comes from a good site.

The second one, does have both criteria, a cleantalk ID and flagged as spam by Akismet: Hence we say “spam”.

Akismet puts all in spam folder

Akismet puts all in spam folder - Click to enlarge

Cleantalk ID


Comment Spam

How to find comment Spam

Spam Indicators:

  • Strange URL
  • Links to other sites that are sales sites.
  • Keywords: like online drugs, gaming, …
  • Russian Email

How to identify Comment Spam


 Often they only say that the post is excellent or superb. But they link our site to them.

How to find comment spam, videos

I explain how to find comment spam, following the principles above.
I show examples on snbchf and economicblogs.


How to identity Comment Spam Part2

How to identity Comment Spam Part3

Cleantalk does not find comment spam

1415 Pending Comments, nearly all them spam, why does cleantalk not work?




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