PRIV P21 Half Story

Page no: P21
Object Attribute (optional)
Action (optional)
Half Story Half or less content
  • Attribute: Continue reading button
  • Action: Show limited content
  • Action: Configure how to show


button continue reading


This page describe how we show full story or only half the story with a special button.


Show half or less content

  • Show only a limited content (e.g. half content or only one sentence)
  • Configure how much we show.
  • Show continue reading here button.


The button must be higher than the others. We make a custom filter for Syndicate Project.

button continue reading

Make Shown Number Characters Of Posts Configurable on the Category


We count all the words of the post and then show only the first 50% of the whole post. Then we show big blue button with text – Continue reading.

Can I show only one sentence?

No, you can only choose how many chars you wanted to be shown.



See more for P2x Plugins for Post Text