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All about accounts in Thunderbird.

Mail configuration can be found here.


Account Name
 Recovery Mail
Less Secure

Mail Overview

Private Mail Store

ekasolo / Swiss Mails New Swiss Mail store Posteo Not needed
harry hallers contains Tools Team: [email protected] Posteo Not needed
News News – contains all news from all accounts

gmail [email protected] Done
George@gmail private

sometimes used for private, some sites are still registered for the company

Gmail [email protected] Done
GMX Accounting Mail store that contains all accounting relevant things
They are
IPhones and Androids
Harry Iphone [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Apple 2FA
Davide Iphone [email protected] Apple
Dalman Put Iphone
George Android 1 (nexus)  Android mail for Nexus Gmail
George Android SM280 Backup  Android mail for SM280 Gmail
George Android0  Android mail for Galaxy Tab2016 Gmail

Company Mails

dorgan@snbchf is about snbchf and social activity, blogs Ozi mail
george@e-llusion Author Team [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Gmail George M. Dorgan
Owner and CEO of SNBCHF and the Economicblogs network.Our sites:
[email protected] Done
[email protected] Orga team
contacts Contact mail for ecoblogs Ozi mail
blogs.economy Contact mail for ecoblogs Gmail [email protected] Done


Video and Pics

New Mail Account

  • [ ] Open Thunderbird
  • [ ] Navigate to Tools –> Account Settings
  • [ ] On the left side at the bottom
  • [ ] Click on “Account Actions”
  • [ ] Then “Add Mail Account”
  • [ ] Fill up:
  • [ ] Username
  • [ ] Email
  • [ ] Passowrd
  • [ ] Click Done
  • [ ] Use IMAP (remote folders) Option
  • [ ] When you click Done after filling the Email, Username and Password
  • [ ] If the password is rejected, you can go into advanced settings
  • [ ] — important
  • [ ] Change the imap folder name after that

Options for Account Setup


Emails are in IMAP form on the server.

I use the Swiss mail hispeed posteo for communication with Switzerland only.

  • For Germany I use the German mail account.
  • This has to do with privacy.
  • Then I prefer to store mails at posteo, a very secure mail provider.


This present the three options

  1. Local install, Use 5 different account, for each of the folders and search folders
  2. Local Install Use two accounts (company and private) for storage, but keep the other mails for incoming mails.
  3. Profile folder on pcloud
Option 1) Status Quo: Use “Saved Search” over 5 different accounts.

Advantage: I know that the Swiss mails are in the Swiss mail account (hispeed). The German mails are in the German mail account (posteo.de)

problem We need to check all the boxes for the different subfolders of ALL accounts each time we set up a computer. This is a lot of manual effort.

But this is one-off set-up.


Option2) Use only two accounts for all folders and “Saved Search” folders

a) Ekasolo for all private mails

All mails from geoorgge@hispeed, geoorge@gmail are auto-forwarded to this account

b) Dorgan at snbchf for company mails (I prefer this one instead leaving the mails at google)

All mails from George@e-llusion are auto-forwarded to this account.

Advantage: All folders are only on two accounts.


  • Message filters do not work on Posteo (on the preferred mail provider for mail storage)
    → So they must get tagged before they get auto-forwarded.
  • Possible duplication of mails
    → We should delete them on the original account after some time (e.g. one week).
  • I get mixed up with what mail to use. Should I use the Swiss or the German mail account.→ We should rename the folders, so that I know that it is the folder for the Swiss mail and the other for German mail.



I think currently it is not bad idea to have all different mail accounts. We will do all manual work once on portable thunderbird. Then we will move the whole thunderbird. It will not be in the cloud, so the search folder will not broken.


Portable Thunderbird does not work with message filters currently. We cannot edit message filters any more on PC in the office. Any message filter is NOT saved any more. It works only on local Desktop installation. (We have a new video)
Moreover, Thunderbird works with 2GB .msf files that must be uploaded to pcloud. So the profile itself must be locally stored.

George: A better problem is copy SSD

Potential Option 3: we may have the portable installation on the pcloud, but the profile files locally.

Thunderbird stores the “Saved Search” and the message filters locally. But we must test if the message filters can be modified.


Video: Thunderbird Accounts

Video explains about the Thunderbird Accounts, which is private and which company.

Where they are used. Based on this explanation we have to choose in which Thunderbird Account should create new tag, folder, message rule.


  • Thunderbird Account
start: 3:30 end: 13:10

Account Email Address

Expected solution Results:

  • George at Hispeed does not show the real email address

Rename accounts thunderbird
Rename accounts thunderbird

- Click to enlarge

video: Accounts Cleanup Email Address
start: 2:26


This video summarizes the last how we hide our email address.



  • Thunderbird Accounts
  • Thunderbird Address Book

Account Passwords

This video explain how to find saved password in Thunderbird.

Stored Passwords in Keypass


  • Thunderbird Saved Passwords

Rating: 5 stars

Recovery Mail in Keepass

Recovery Mail in Keepass
Recovery Mail in Keepass

- Click to enlarge

Password from Thunderbird

Thunderbird keeps passwords for all accounts with the add-on Saved Password.


Solution Step1 Password from Thunderbird
Solution Step1 Password from Thunderbird

- Click to enlarge

Less secure apps

  • To enable this option open Google Account Settings –> Security
  • Scroll down to Less Secure Apps section
  • Click enable
  • This is a required step for Thunderbird, when you are adding new account

Account Add-ons

Saved Passwords

Saved Password editor 2.10.4

Expected Results for Saved Passwords

  • This Add-on shows all saved mails with their passwords
  • Easily can see passwords, emails, imap folders
  • You can Edit some of saved mails
  • Adding new mail or delete
  • It’s able to clone also mail accounts
  • 1) Go to menu at top right side
  • 2) Click on Options –> Options
  • 3) New box will popup
  • 4) Navigate to Security Tab
  • 5) Click on Show Passwords

Expected Results for Saved Passwords
Expected Results for Saved Passwords

- Click to enlarge

Saved Password Editor

Works with V60.4 of Thunderbird but Complains for that it’s not Compatible with this version.

Saved Password Editor
Saved Password Editor

- Click to enlarge

Manually Sort Folder / Account Order


Try to find a plugin that allows for reordering the accounts.

Otherwise you need to delete and recreate in the right order.

Remember to use the right IMAP folder, directly when creating the account.

Add-on on Thunderbird: Manually sort folders

Manually sort-folders

- Click to enlarge

Manually sort Folders

Expected Results for Manually sort Folders

  • Go to Add-ons –> Options on Manually sort folders, with Thb V60 –> Tools–> Manually Sort Folder
  • new box will popup
  • click on an email –> click on button “Move up” or “Move down”
  • Company Mails on top (E-llusion, Dorgan, Gmail)
  • Private Mails on bottom (Swiss,Harry)

Expected Results for Manually sort Folders
Expected Results for Manually sort Folders

- Click to enlarge



Mails in Right Account

  • Example: Mail with Tag “E-ll Domains” must be inside account George E-llusion
  • Mail Accounts do not look on Mail Receiver or Sender!
  • Only look at tags: Who is mail account inside the tag
  • Move emails into Inbox into right account: Regular Task and Cleanup Task
  • Difference: Only based on Account (inside tag) but NOT based on the full tag

Mail Senders into Multiple Accounts

This is the list of mail senders, that send into multiple accounts.

We cannot move them into the right accounts, simply because they are many.


Sender Tag
How many Accounts Recipient Account
CH Bike
CH Eka Kino
Ricardo CH Ricardo Harry, Swiss Mails
Amazon……………… H Amazon 2 ……………………………..
H Apple
Google 3
Paypal 2


Once-Off Moves

Sometimes we want to move mails from one account to another. A typical reason is that the provider wants to delete your mails, because we cancelled the contract.

This may happen if you got your mail with an internet provider.

Related Trello Task

Move CH Folders to Account Swiss Mails

Video Link to Trello

Video Explains:

Swiss Account is back. Folders with “CH” at the start of the name in Harry mail, should move to Swiss Account. Saved Search folders and Normal Folders.

Folders on new account

Step1: Create Folders on new Account

1a. Create saved search folders

Saved Search exists in Swiss Mails for CH saved search.

see details under saved search page

  1. Create completely new saved search and put the parameters like folders and tags
  2. Copy the search folder from the other account.
Search Folder Creation By Copy Renamed
1b. Create normal search

Create the same folders on the new account as in the old account.

Regular Task for move mails

We also do a regular task for moving mails to right account.

But here we move into the inbox, not into the folders.

Move into Right Accounts

Account Synchronisation


Find Thunderbird plugin that is able sync two mail accounts on two servers.

Example: Sync ekasolo with harry.hallers or with george@e-llusion

Why: You have copied all mails from ekasolo to harry, and not moved, as I said.

This makes sense only in automated process.


I can’t find such a plugin, but I moved the mails manually.

  • We create new folder in new account (second account).
  • Then we move all massages from first account into second account.
  • When everything is done we are deleting the old folder into first account.

Syncing two accounts
Syncing two accounts

- Click to enlarge


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