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PRIV S51 Create a Community

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Business Requirements

Currently we store the blog / Mailpoet subscribers in our WordPress user table. We would like to collect people that use our pages via social channels.
Hence when somebody tweets an snbchf.com page then we should obtain his email address.

Steps an Excel for Google+

Step1: Export the followers with this tool
Step 2: Check if the g+ accounts exist, then column “G+ exists?”  and write yes or no
Step3: Add this guy to circle “follower”: and write G+ “Created” inside the Excel
Final Target: Then we could have all inside one Excel and not in 6 different files
We can do the same for following, too

The community

Step A) Complete the Excel table with new columns
Our aim is
1) Know which of them is a “real Person” and not a pseudonym and not a company
The file contains only followers?
2) we Need one column saying “Follower” or “Following”, easy if currently there are only followers     3) Say which is G+, Twitter Profile for this Person or Organisation

Step B) Import Excel into TablePress. This gives a new TablePress table, Potentially with Links to Twitter Profile and G+ Profile

Step C) Create a page containing the Tablepress Table. We could replace Tablepress with normal HTML if the SEO of tablepress is worse than normal HTML

Step D) We could not only link to twitter and G+ but also to about.me and Facebook, same as we do for our authors. We could obtain their email addresses so that These twitter followers become our subscribers. IF they see their names they get interested, and might subscribe volutarly then we got subscribers that might comment and that might pay one day. These People are all quite rich, they are finance experts or journalists. Voila that’s my Marketing idea




I expect our community in a similar Format, if tablepress or not I do not know. The title of the page is “Our community”.

I have this page already im an old form. When u do the Export from Twitter I also Need the description.
Sid Verma ‏ @_SidVerma FOLLOWS YOU Associate editor @euromoney, global finance and emerging markets aficionado. Formerly of Financial Times (FT Tilt). RTs ≠ endorsement.

As u can see in the old page I am also able to identify what the People do:
Libertarian bloggers
Swiss journalists
International Journalists
Forex guys

Same as for our Tasks we got the column “work area”
Libertarian bloggers
Swiss journalists
International Journalists
Forex guys
and maybe more

Our Content has categories, hence some Content is better for different people. Category “Swiss macro” is better for “Swiss journalists” and etc.


Copy from Twitter into Google+

First, I check the user into twitter account. After that I open Google+ and search for the user. If the person on the picture is the same, I add it into circle Followers. And change the column “G+ exists” to Yes. If the user is not on Google+, I change to No. And move to the next.




Related Concept page: C23 Build up Social Community




Get Email address from Twitter

We can send to all of them direct message asking them to subscribe to our newsletter. We can make this easily using twitter api. I think most of them will give their emails and become subsribers.

Reference: Twitter API

Get Email address from Google+

With users which are into G+, we can get their emails from G+ and add them automatically into subscribers. It is not bad idea, but I think some part of the users will not like the idea.

Get Email address from facebook


Precondition: it makes sense to sync Twitter and Google+ Followers, see this here.

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