M04 Attachment Page, Media Title

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Page no: М04
Object Attribute (optional)
Action (optional)
Attachment Page Attachment Page
  • Attribute: Attachment Page title


M04 Example Attachment Page
Media Title Media Title
  • Attribute: Media title
Media title




Videos and Images or other Details

Attachment Page

What is the Attachment Page?


Attachment Page Title

Question: What is the Attachment Page Title?


Answer: Attachment Page Title is S01 Promote Author

M04 Example Attachment Page

Media Title Attachment Page

Trello link

[Summary missing]

Media Title Attachment Page 2

Trello link

[Summary missing]

Attachment Page only Small Image

Attachment Page only Small Image
Attachment Page only Small Image

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Media Title

What is the Media Title?

WordPress is not able to show a title text of an image.

We show the so-called “media title” on top of it.
The media title is an attribute of the image.

We could have displayed the attachment page title.
We opted that they are different.

Media title Example
M04 Media title Example

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Process for Working with Media Title

How to create a media file in a nice way?

  • Create a media file, e.g. take a screenshot
  • Edit the media file, add the important text inside the image. (You can use Paint.net for editing screenshot.)
    For the focus things
    – Use boxes
    – Use texts in dark pink color.



Put Application Name into Media Title

  • Example Radmin
  • Find Radmin in Media library
  • Rename Media Text so that application name is included
  • Like Radmin Server, Radmin VPN, Radmin Viewer
  • Put application name to front
  • Example Radmin VPN: blablabla

Media Title with aplication name
Media Title with aplication name

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Usual Upload Process

Upload the image

  • Upload to !!!Latest Sprint
  • Upload image to Blog



Media Upload Process


Connection to image

Connect the media functionality to the image

  • Inside the post set the caption to dot
  • With the dot the image gets connected to our new functionality


Media Title Caption to Dot
M04 + M05 Media Title Caption to Dot

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