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_Tools Team WordPress Orga
_Tools Team Project Planning
_Tools Team WO01 WordPress Butlers
_Tools Team WO02 Keywords WP Team
_Tools Team WO05 WP Doc Pages
_Tools Team Autofeeds
_Tools Team F00 Syndication Alternatives
_Tools Team PRIV F02 Feedly
_Tools Team F03 RSS Test feed - To be deleted
_Tools Team F04 Twitter API (Alternative Economics)
_Tools Team F10 FeedWP Core
_Tools Team F11 Feed Sites - design
_Tools Team PRIV F12 Feed WordPress Config
_Tools Team PRIV F13 Import Content & Mapping (old)
_Tools Team PRIV F14 New Feed
_Tools Team PRIV F15 Reload Posts
_Tools Team PRIV F16 Delete Feed
_Tools Team PRIV F17 Feed WordPress: Questions
_Tools Team PRIV F18 Transfer Feed
_Tools Team F19 Auto-Publishing And Manual Editing
_Tools Team F20 FeedWP Cron
_Tools Team F21 Cron Jobs
_Tools Team F22 Cron Problems
_Tools Team F24 Cron Improvements
_Tools Team F28 Performance Issues Feeds
_Tools Team F25 FeedWP in WordPress
_Tools Team F30 Full Posts
_Tools Team PRIV F31 RSS Grabber: Get Full Posts
_Tools Team F33 FeedWP Advanced Filters
_Tools Team F32 Rss grabber Problems
_Tools Team F40 FeedWP Filtering
_Tools Team PRIV F41 Content-Based Feeds
_Tools Team PRIV F42 Content-Based GUI
_Tools Team PRIV F43 Output inside WP
_Tools Team PRIV F44 Backend Improvements
_Tools Team F49 Bugs
_Tools Team F50 Media via Feed WP
_Tools Team PRIV F51 File and Size
_Tools Team PRIV F52 File Attributes
_Tools Team PRIV F54 Unattached Images
_Tools Team PRIV F55 Image Sizes for FeedWP
_Tools Team PRIV F56 RSS and Source URL for Media
_Tools Team PRIV F57 Testing Duplicate Images
_Tools Team PRIV F58 FeedWP and Hard Link Protection
_Tools Team PRIV F59 Media: ALT and Caption
_Tools Team F60 New Design Core
_Tools Team PRIV F61 Feed WP Redesign
_Tools Team PRIV F62 FeedWP Wizard
_Tools Team PRIV F63a Functions Areas Feed
_Tools Team PRIV F63b Functions Areas Post
_Tools Team PRIV F63c Functions Areas Authors
_Tools Team PRIV F63d Functions Areas Categories
_Tools Team F70 FeedWP Testing
_Tools Team PRIV F74 Test FeedWP & Grabber
_Tools Team F80 Videos via FeedWP
_Tools Team F81 Link Name
_Tools Team F84 Video Publish
_Tools Team F86 Duplicate Videos
_Tools Team F90 Youtube
_Tools Team F91 Youtube Feed Design
_Tools Team F92 Video Post Type
_Tools Team F93 Youtube API
_Tools Team F94 Youtube Objects Attributes
_Tools Team F95 Youtube tag, author-based
_Tools Team F96 Youtube GUI
_Tools Team F97 Youtube Sync
_Tools Team F98 Youtube Display and CSS
_Tools Team F99 Blacklist and Whitelist
_Tools Team PRIV F99 Feed WP Menu Cleanup
_Tools Team Plugins Sales
_Tools Team S31 Aggregation Consultancy: Clients
_Tools Team S32 Aggregation Consultancy
_Tools Team S32b WordPress Plugins
_Tools Team S34 PromoteAuthorTools Sales Page
_Tools Team S35b USP PromoteAuthorTools
_Tools Team S37 Promote Author Company
_Tools Team S37B WPGeist
_Tools Team S38 PromoteAuthor-Tools Project
_Tools Team S39 Sale WordPress Plugins
_Tools Team S39 PromoteAuthors Tools Project
_Tools Team S39b Social Channels PromoteAuthors
_Tools Team Media
_Tools Team M00 Media Attributes and Editing
_Tools Team M01 File and Size
_Tools Team M02 File Attributes
_Tools Team M03 External Files: Hot Linking
_Tools Team M04 Attachment Page, Media Title
_Tools Team M05 Attached or Linked To
_Tools Team M06 Tags on Media
_Tools Team M07 ALT, Caption, Description
_Tools Team M08 RSS and Source URL
_Tools Team M09 OCR and ALT Text
_Tools Team M10 Media Library
_Tools Team M11 Media Library
_Tools Team M12 Media Library Quick Edit
_Tools Team M13 Media Quick Edit Issues
_Tools Team M14 Media Library Find and Edit
_Tools Team M16 Quick Edit Improvements
_Tools Team M20 Media Inside Post
_Tools Team M21 Upload Media
_Tools Team M22 Edit Media in Post
_Tools Team M24 Link to Image
_Tools Team M25 Media Title Functionality
_Tools Team M27 Media Caption
_Tools Team M26 Copy Paste Image into Post
_Tools Team M26a Competition
_Tools Team M26b Image Elevator
_Tools Team M26d Image Elevator Enhancements
_Tools Team M26f Image Elevator Enhance Details
_Tools Team M26g Image Elevator Enhance Test
_Tools Team M26h Image Elevator Enhance Problems
_Tools Team M28 Video Embed
_Tools Team M28a Video into Posts: Competition
_Tools Team M28b ARVE
_Tools Team M28c Video Params for Embedding
_Tools Team M28d Embed via HTML
_Tools Team M30 Media Classification
_Tools Team M31 Overview Improvements
_Tools Team M32 Media Object
_Tools Team M33 Media Post Type
_Tools Team M34 Video Post Type
_Tools Team M40 Online Videos
_Tools Team M41 Vimeo
_Tools Team M42 Vimeo Albums
_Tools Team M43 Vimeo Folders
_Tools Team M44 Video Name, Date, Keywords
_Tools Team M50 Image View
_Tools Team M51 Image ViewerTools
_Tools Team M52 Image Popup
_Tools Team M55 Media Gallery
_Tools Team M56 Media Gallery Problems
_Tools Team M57 Text Image Table Gallery
_Tools Team M60 Media Edit
_Tools Team M61 Regular Task
_Tools Team M62 Paint Net
_Tools Team PRIV M63 Paint Net Ico Images
_Tools Team M64 Screenshot Tool
_Tools Team M69 OLD WP Other Media
_Tools Team M70 Media Editing outside WP
_Tools Team M71 Copy Paste into Websites
_Tools Team M72 Media on Confluence
_Tools Team M80 Media Tools
_Tools Team M81 Video Recording: Ice Cream
_Tools Team M83 Video Editing
_Tools Team M84 Logo, Watermarking
_Tools Team M85 Video Player
_Tools Team M86 Audio to Existing Video
_Tools Team M87 Video Conversion
_Tools Team M89 GPS Tools
_Tools Team M999 Media menu Cleanup
_Tools Team Old Plan 2018
_Tools Team O11 Sprints until 2018
_Tools Team O12 Sprints 2019
_Tools Team PRIV O15 Tasks Log
_Tools Team PRIV O16 Task Backlog (Open)
_Tools Team PRIV L10a Plugin Go-Live Tasks
_Tools Team PRIV O17 Task Log Archive (closed)
_Tools Team PRIV L20a Task Log - FIXED
_Tools Team PRIV L20b Task Log Old
_Tools Team PRIV L20c Rad Work
_Tools Team PRIV L20d Author Go-Live Bugs October
_Tools Team PRIV L20e SNBCHF Go-Live Tasks October
_Tools Team PRIV L20f Sprint page 2015 12 01
_Tools Team PRIV L20y 04/29
_Tools Team PRIV L20z Translator Tasks (old)
_Tools Team PRIV O18 Bug Archive
_Tools Team PRIV O18c 0901 Test and Bugs September
_Tools Team PRIV O18d 0924 Bugs September 24
_Tools Team PRIV O18f Bugs September 28
_Tools Team Plugins
_Tools Team P00 General Plugins
_Tools Team P01 Content versus Graphical Form
_Tools Team P02 Own plugins
_Tools Team P02c Old Plugin Table
_Tools Team PRIV P03 Translation
_Tools Team P04 Overriding a WP Plugin
_Tools Team P05 Custom code
_Tools Team P06 Other Plugins Merge
_Tools Team P06 Other plugins
_Tools Team P07 README File
_Tools Team P08 Plugin Licensing
_Tools Team P09 License Protection for Plugins
_Tools Team P09 Access to Plugins, Pages
_Tools Team P09 Empty Plugin Code into Output
_Tools Team P10 Plugins Posts, Pages
_Tools Team P11 Post, Page Overview
_Tools Team P12 Post Meta Attributes
_Tools Team PRIV P13 WP-PageNavi
_Tools Team P17 How to Copy Page
_Tools Team P18 Post Status
_Tools Team P19 Delete Drafts with Attached Images
_Tools Team P20 Plugins for Post Text
_Tools Team PRIV P21 Half Story
_Tools Team P22 Search Regex (text modification tools)
_Tools Team PRIV P23 Text Replace Snippets
_Tools Team P24 Google Custom Search
_Tools Team PRIV P25 Graphene Message Blocks
_Tools Team PRIV P26 Automatic Post Checks
_Tools Team PRIV P27 Post Introducer
_Tools Team P28 Table of Content (TOC)
_Tools Team P28a Anchor
_Tools Team P29 Excerpts
_Tools Team PRIV P29a Related Posts
_Tools Team P30 Plugins for URL
_Tools Team PRIV P31a How does Wordpress find your post
_Tools Team PRIV P31b Permalinks, Postname,Slug, URL
_Tools Team PRIV P31c Category in Permalinks Considered Harmful
_Tools Team PRIV P31е Change Site URL or Delete
_Tools Team PRIV P31f Change URL
_Tools Team PRIV P31g Permalinks on snbchf.com
_Tools Team PRIV P31h URL Masking
_Tools Team PRIV P31l Duplicates and Black Boxes
_Tools Team PRIV P31x Google Go-Live & Permalinks Feedsite
_Tools Team PRIV P31y Subdomains Links Link Categories
_Tools Team PRIV P31z Your sub-domain strategy could be seriously harming your SEO
_Tools Team PRIV P34 Archive Content: New URLs
_Tools Team PRIV P37 Archive URL Aid
_Tools Team PRIV P38 WP Backend Slug
_Tools Team P39 URL Test Procedure
_Tools Team P35 URL Stop Words
_Tools Team P03l Manual Key Phrases and Tag-based key phrases
_Tools Team PRIV P35a Overview
_Tools Team PRIV P35b Run Tools
_Tools Team PRIV P35c Algorithm
_Tools Team PRIV P35d Character Rules
_Tools Team PRIV P35e Lists
_Tools Team PRIV P35f Stop Word Lists
_Tools Team PRIV P35g Key-Phrases
_Tools Team PRIV P35h Tag-Based Lists
_Tools Team PRIV P35i Ordered Non-Stop Words
_Tools Team PRIV P35j English Stop Words
_Tools Team PRIV P35k Stop Words Testing
_Tools Team PRIV P35l Insignificant Nouns and Common Words
_Tools Team PRIV P35m Old URL
_Tools Team PRIV P35n Final S for Plural, 3d person, genitive
_Tools Team PRIV P35o Non Stop Words, Key-Phrases
_Tools Team PRIV P35p Stop words in German
_Tools Team PRIV P35q Numbers
_Tools Team PRIV P35r Stop Words IT
_Tools Team PRIV P35y Stop Words Readme (OLD)
_Tools Team PRIV P35z StopWords Menu
_Tools Team P40 Plugins for Links (Sharing)
_Tools Team PRIV P41 Share Buttons
_Tools Team PRIV P42 Related Posts for Introducer
_Tools Team PRIV P43 Related Posts on Desktop & Mobile
_Tools Team P50 Plugins for Categories
_Tools Team PRIV P51 Competition & Design Principles
_Tools Team PRIV P52 Pictured Category Container
_Tools Team PRIV P53 Widget Pictured-Categories
_Tools Team PRIV P54 Pictured Category Menu
_Tools Team PRIV P55 Pictured Category Tiles
_Tools Team PRIV P56 Archives
_Tools Team PRIV P57 Pictured Category Archives
_Tools Team PRIV P58 Sahifa for Pictured Categories
_Tools Team P59 Categories Backend
_Tools Team P59b Private Posts and Category
_Tools Team P60 Plugins for Tags
_Tools Team PRIV P61 Tag Archives
_Tools Team PRIV P62 Tag-Based Site Competitors
_Tools Team PRIV P63 Youtube Search-Based
_Tools Team PRIV P64 Tags on Posts
_Tools Team P65 Automatic Tag Creation
_Tools Team P66 Tag Hierarchy
_Tools Team P67 Term Optimizer
_Tools Team P68 Tagitizer: Automatic Tag Creation
_Tools Team P69 New Fields WP Taxonomies & Options
_Tools Team P69 Tag Integration
_Tools Team P70 Homepage, Widgets, Menu
_Tools Team PRIV P73 Other Widgets
_Tools Team PRIV P74 Page Builder Comparison
_Tools Team P77 Menu Sync
_Tools Team P80 Security
_Tools Team PRIV P81 Password Protected
_Tools Team P90 Sales Plugins
_Tools Team PRIV P91 Trigger-Response Plugin
_Tools Team PRIV P92 PopupCancel
_Tools Team PRIV P93 Push notifications
_Tools Team PRIV P94 Story popup
_Tools Team PRIV P95 AdsManager without Google
_Tools Team PRIV P96 AdsManager Light
_Tools Team PRIV P97 Business Idea
_Tools Team P98 Infinity Dashboard
_Tools Team PRIV P99 Plugins Cleanup
_Tools Team Server
_Tools Team D00 Server
_Tools Team PRIV D01 Server Location
_Tools Team PRIV D01 Complaint and Server Location
_Tools Team D02 Server Hardware
_Tools Team D02a Second Server
_Tools Team D03 Vesta
_Tools Team D05 Server Issues
_Tools Team D06 Performance Test Tools
_Tools Team D07a Performance Server
_Tools Team D07b Performance new Server
_Tools Team D07d Performance Testing Regular
_Tools Team D08 Server Maintenance
_Tools Team D09 Performance Improvements
_Tools Team D10 (Sub) Domains on Server
_Tools Team D11 Change Domain
_Tools Team PRIV D12 Users/Domains on Server
_Tools Team PRIV D13 Domain Change Steps
_Tools Team D15 IP Address
_Tools Team PRIV D16 DNS Problems
_Tools Team D20 Server Migration
_Tools Team PRIV D21 Web Hosting Tools
_Tools Team PRIV D22 Server Configuration
_Tools Team PRIV D23 Editing Hosts File
_Tools Team PRIV D24 Server Installation
_Tools Team PRIV D25 WP Migrate DB
_Tools Team PRIV D26 WordPress Installation
_Tools Team D30 Database
_Tools Team D34 Database Problems
_Tools Team D35 Database Connection
_Tools Team D40 Regular Maintenance
_Tools Team D41 Regular Tasks
_Tools Team PRIV D45 Monthly Improvements
_Tools Team D46 Biweekly (old)
_Tools Team PRIV D49 Technical Content Tasks (old)
_Tools Team D50 Security
_Tools Team PRIV D53 WP Security
_Tools Team PRIV D54 Whitelist IPs
_Tools Team D60 Domains and Contact
_Tools Team D61 Domain Registration Data
_Tools Team D62 Our Domain Proposals
_Tools Team PRIV D63 Email Contact
_Tools Team D63 Expired Domains
_Tools Team PRIV D64 Hostgator
_Tools Team D65 Gandi
_Tools Team D66 Godaddy
_Tools Team PRIV D67 Netcup
_Tools Team PRIV D68 Transfer Domains
_Tools Team PRIV D69 Old Domains
_Tools Team D70 Backup Strategy
_Tools Team PRIV D71 Daily DB Backup
_Tools Team PRIV D72 Backup Buddy
_Tools Team PRIV D74 Server/File Backup
_Tools Team PRIV D75 Local Install Backup
_Tools Team PRIV D75 Server Backup Howto
_Tools Team PRIV D77 Emergency Backup
_Tools Team PRIV D79 2nd Backup to NAS
_Tools Team D80 SSL
_Tools Team PRIV D82 Certificate
_Tools Team D83 HTTPS Redirect
_Tools Team PRIV D84 Mixed Insecure content
_Tools Team PRIV D85 SSL Mail
_Tools Team PRIV D89 SSL Documentation
_Tools Team D90 CloudFlare
_Tools Team D91 Cloudflare Benefits
_Tools Team D92 Cloudfare Implementation
_Tools Team D93 Cloudfare Problems
_Tools Team D94 Cloudflare Improvements
_Tools Team PRIV D99 Design Menu Cleanup
_Tools Team Software Development
_Tools Team O07 Agile
_Tools Team O08 Object-Oriented Design
_Tools Team Syndic Tools
_Tools Team Y00 Common Functionality
_Tools Team Y01 Common Functionality
_Tools Team PRIV Y02 StopWords Integration
_Tools Team Y10 Excerpts Meta
_Tools Team Y11 Restore Excerpt without HTML
_Tools Team PRIV Y12 Make Excerpts Longer
_Tools Team PRIV Y13 Regenerate Meta Description from Excerpt
_Tools Team PRIV Y17 Regenerate Attributes
_Tools Team Y20 Post Links
_Tools Team PRIV Y21 "External Link" Field from WP Feed data
_Tools Team PRIV Y23 External Post Links
_Tools Team Y30 Media in FeedWP
_Tools Team PRIV Y31 Image Import
_Tools Team PRIV Y32 Video/audio Import
_Tools Team PRIV Y33 Duplicated Images
_Tools Team PRIV Y34 Links to Media
_Tools Team Y35 Media Tools
_Tools Team PRIV Y36 Media Tools Log
_Tools Team Y37 Title and Media Title
_Tools Team PRIV Y38 Caption
_Tools Team PRIV Y39 Other Media Attributes
_Tools Team Y40 Tags
_Tools Team Y41 Copy Tags from Media into Posts
_Tools Team Y50 Posts
_Tools Team PRIV Y51 Delete Post with Images
_Tools Team Y52 Short Post
_Tools Team PRIV Y53 Remove Duplicate Posts
_Tools Team Y60 Executions & Test
_Tools Team PRIV Y61 Syndication Execution Stats European
_Tools Team PRIV Y62 Syndication Execution Stats
_Tools Team PRIV Y63 Syndication Execution Stats Ecoblogs.ch
_Tools Team PRIV Y64 Testing Evidences Syndication Tools
_Tools Team PRIV Y65 Introduction to Testing Syndication Tools
_Tools Team PRIV Y69 AJAX Chunks
_Tools Team Y70 Videos
_Tools Team Y71 Videos: Reload Data
_Tools Team Y99 Syndication Tools Menu Cleanup
_Tools Team Webdesign
_Tools Team W00 New WP Blog
_Tools Team W10 Templates
_Tools Team W11 Graphene
_Tools Team W12 Snbchf home page
_Tools Team W14 Sahifa
_Tools Team W15 Supernova
_Tools Team W16 Flip and Others
_Tools Team W18 Multi-Web Site Support
_Tools Team W20 Mobile Sites
_Tools Team W21 Responsive Design
_Tools Team W22 Mobile SNBCHF
_Tools Team W23 Mobile Ecoblogs
_Tools Team W24 Resolutions on SNBCHF
_Tools Team W25 Test Mobile Phones
_Tools Team W30 CSS
_Tools Team W31 CSS on Sahifa
_Tools Team W32 CSS on Graphene
_Tools Team W33 CSS on Mobile
_Tools Team W38 Special Characters
_Tools Team W39 Various CSS Issues
_Tools Team W40 HTML
_Tools Team W48 Various HTML Issues
_Tools Team WP Team Doc Pages
_Tools Team W50 Cache
_Tools Team W51 Browser Cache
_Tools Team W52 CDN
_Tools Team W53 Page Cache
_Tools Team W60 Formatting
_Tools Team W61 Header Images
_Tools Team W62 Header Images into E-llusion plugin
_Tools Team W63 Header Images Ecoblogs
_Tools Team W70 Tables
_Tools Team W71 Table Press
_Tools Team W72 Table Shortcode
_Tools Team W73 Tiny Table (MCE)
_Tools Team W74 Tiny Table Problems
_Tools Team W74b Tiny Table Mobile Testing
_Tools Team W75 Auto-Table Creation
_Tools Team W76 Auto-Table Global GUI
_Tools Team W77 Auto-Table Post GUI
_Tools Team W78 Auto-Table Algo
_Tools Team W79a Auto-Table Single Testing
_Tools Team W79b Auto-Table Feed Testing
_Tools Team W79c User Acceptance Test
_Tools Team W90 Seo Tools
_Tools Team W91 Google Analytics
_Tools Team W97 Link Exchange
_Tools Team W99 Graphical menu Cleanup


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