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Author roles

Based on the contributor data, we decide if we put then


  •  ->
  • –>
  • Video Contributor –> Load video
    We load videos for all video contributors and create their feed,
    It does not depend on number posts, because this guy does many good videos.
    Does not have a channel  or
    We want videos outside of his channel.Tasks: Find out where to write it.


Role Capabilities in WordPress Search <first name><last name> Inside Youtube
Channel Contributor
Comment Contributor Title
When loading comments from youtube (comment rights)


Title Search only Youtube title (standard contributor).We created feeds only for contributors when they many posts (>100 posts).
If he has channel: Loads videos inside and outside of his channel.
Super Contributor Title
Search in Youtube title and in description
NoFilter Contributor Use Youtube’s algorithm Advantage: Youtube’s algorithm is able to find different spelling of first names
Example: Jeffrey or Jeff
Load videos from his channel when the feed for the has been created.
No any filtering when videos are loaded
Spam Contributor We cannot load video because of too much spam videos.
We aim to find “search keys” that make spam contributor again normal contributors or Super contributors.


Force Video Load and Video Contributor

Some good authors do not have a blog or posts. But we want to load the videos. As all other authors, they maybe super contributor, contributors or nofilter contributors.

This is only a first solution.
We can remove the first solution usually, when we have the final one.
Remember to keep the relevant text into the right row.

Checkbox in User overview and quick edit with ordering.

“Force Video Load”.

Role Video Contributor

the final solution is use the new role Video Contributor.

We prefer to replace the Force Video flag with a proper role “Video Contributor”, given that we forgot that one user can have multiple roles.

This video contributor is a secondary role, in the sense that allow the following combionations

  • Super Contributor and Video Contributor: a person having only videos (no posts) but with extended search (see above)
  • Channel Contributor and Video Cont. : a person having a Youtube channel, but no posts.
  • Contributor and Video Contributor: a person having only videos (no posts) with normal search in title
  • Spam Contributor, not possible, same as above, we try to find search keys.

PromotAauthor Video Settings
PromotAauthor Video Settings



For all roles applies:

All videos are loaded automatically once the feed has been created.




Getting Many Videos

 How to load videos over several years, more than 50 videos

Original Idea

Type of authors

Standard Author

  • Little number videos
  • Calls API with 3 years (standard author),
  • Do FeedWP Filtering
  • if number videos = 50 (after feed WP filtering)  then go to super author profile
  • If number videos < 50 go to the next 3 years (2014-2017)


Super Author

  • Many videos, more than 50 videos in 3 years
  • Call API for 3-6 month (Number to be confirmed)
  • if number videos = 50 (after feed WP filtering)  then don’t care
  • If number videos < 50 go to the next 6 months


These are roles based on how many videos will be loaded based on type of the author. Currently we do not use this functionality and it is replaced by a better one with Author Roles


Click many times on load button.






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