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V64 File Synchronization Tools (Mig)

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The Tools help to find duplicate data or empty directories.

Then the software delete the not needed things


Total Commander

We use Total Commander to sync files manually.

Full guide for synchronize dirs.


Automatic Sync:

Clouds typically do an automatic sync. More on the clouds page

Synchronize directories

1. Compare

First we compare the directories.

Sync Elite with MediaPC Step1

One use of Total Commander is to sync two computer over the local network.
Here we sync the local files of a cloud before connecting to the cloud itself.

2. Functions before Synchronization

  • Delete file on the left
  • Delete file on the right
  • View Left
  • View Right

Options in Total Commander
Options in Total Commander

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3. Start Synchronization

With Total Commander we can synchronize directories.

This means at the end both directories show the same files.




Synchronize directories
Synchronize directories

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Usually the selection for the sync is done automatically.

Sometimes we have to do this manually, with the command to the right.

3a. Synchronize As Administrator

Especially when working on Windows folder, we need to use the Copy As Administrator function.

Copy As Administrator
Copy As Administrator

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Video: Total Commander for Program Links

Trello tasks

The example shows how to do the compare and synchronization at the example of the program lists for portable applications.

Total Commander Options

Options = can choose what option we want to do the function

Total Commander Copy Options

Total Commander has option for copying files. This option is showed in purple box on the screen.

Total Commander Copy Options
Total Commander Copy Options

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Move Files Securely

Total Commander Move files securely

Video Link to Trello


Aim: Move files from one cloud to another securely.

Ini File Location



Ini File Location
Ini File Location

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Ignore Lists

Ignore lists are used to disable certain functionalities, in particular for sync operations.

The video explains how to sync the ignore lists among three tools:

The way we do it is:

  1. Copy all sync patterns into an editor
  2. Sort the rows alphabetically
  3. Remove the duplicate rows
  4. We separate between files (on top) and folders (on bottom)
  5. Copy the rows into the different tools. RED has two entries, one for folders and one for files.
  6. Pcloud requires a semicolon instead of a new line. One can do this change of separator manually or replacing new line by semicolon

Ignore List Total Commander

(last update 2021.04, Folder Program Settings

System Volume Information

Ignore List not configured

These files must go into the IgnoreList.

Problem Ignore List not configured
Problem Ignore List not configured

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Ignore List Configured

Ignore List is filled with right files which we want to ignore with Total Commander.

Ignore Lists are saved in the cloud.

Ignore List Configured
Ignore List Configured

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Ignore List on Pcloud

Also Pcloud contains an Ignore List for its synchronization.  Here an example.


Good Sync

Was used for replacement of Pcloud Sync.

Final Solution:

Manual Sync using Total Commander

Cloud Sync.com

Good Sync Problems


Good Sync Unresponsive

Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary: Empty

GS_Data Cleanup

GoodSync GS_Data Cleanup

Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary: Empty

Parent Folder

GoodSync ParentFolder Conflict

(no trello card)

Trello Summary: Empty


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