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Custom Clean Paths

Main Folders

Local System:

  • C:\prgs
  • C:\dropbox STOPPED

Cloud and Backup:

  • P:\SyncComp

Parallel Systems:

  • H:\prgs
  • J:\prgs
  • I:\prgs   .–> Map to Elite i5 c: drive 
  • G:\drive\prgs
Video for finding new entries

CCleaner new Entries based on Prg Sync (vimeo.com)



Temp Folders


If we are using Dropbox:

  • C:\Dropbox\portableApps\Telegram_Media\Data\tupdates\temp\
  • C:\Dropbox\portableApps\Telegram_Elite\Data\tupdates\temp\
  • G:\Dropbox\portableApps\Telegram_Media\Data\tupdates\temp\
  • G:\Dropbox\portableApps\Telegram_Elite\Data\tupdates\temp\

When we are using prgs:

  • C:\prgs\portableApps\Telegram_Media\Data\tupdates\temp\
  • C:\prgs\portableApps\Telegram_Elite\Data\tupdates\temp\
  • G:\drive\prgs\portableApps\Telegram_Media\Data\tupdates\temp\
  • G:\drive\prgs\portableApps\Telegram_Elite\Data\tupdates\temp\

tdata/user_data/cache\… subdirs


  • C:\Users\George\AppData\Local\Temp\
  • C:\Users\George\AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft\CryptnetUrlCache\
  • C:\Users\George\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Crypto\
  • C:\Users\George\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\

Browser Caches

What to delete?

We cannot delete simply everything with cache, given that some files contain “cache” as text but they are needed:

  • Avatar-cache.png
  • precache-manifest
  • background.nocache


Therefore we choose subfolders that get deleted





Path Params
\prgs\portableApps\Vivaldi\User Data\[profile]\Cache\ |*.*|RECURSE|0|0|24
\prgs\portableApps\Vivaldi\User Data\[profile]\Code Cache\ |*.*|RECURSE|0|0|24
\prgs\portableapps\Vivaldi\User Data\[profile]\Service Worker\CacheStorage\ |*.*|RECURSE|0|0|24
\prgs\portableapps\Vivaldi\User Data\[profile]\Service Worker\ScriptCache\ |*.*|RECURSE|0|0|24
Missing: CacheStorage |*.*|RECURSE|0|0|24
Missing: FontLookupTableCache |*.*|RECURSE|0|0|24
GPU Cache\ into table   
[profile] – Profile 2, Profile 3 and all existing profiles |*.*|RECURSE|0|0|24
[parallel drives] 

Add the paths for all parallel drives


g:\drive\prgs not covered by Vivaldi default delete
h:\prgs not covered by Vivaldi default delete
i:\prgs not covered by Vivaldi default delete



Question: Does it work for normal profile or also for Portables?


For G drive:

  • G:\drive\prgs\portableApps\Yandex\Data\UserData\Profile Andy\Cache\
  • G:\drive\prgs\portableApps\Yandex\Data\UserData\Profile Andy\Code Cache\
  • G:\drive\prgs\portableapps\Yandex\Data\UserData\Profile Andy\Service Worker\CacheStorage\
  • G:\drive\prgs\portableapps\Yandex\Data\UserData\Profile Andy\Service Worker\ScriptCache\
  • Profiles: Profile 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Default

For Local:

  • C:\Users\Account name\AppData\Local\Yandex\YandexBrowser\User Data\[profile]\Cache
  • C:\Users\Account name\AppData\Local\Yandex\YandexBrowser\User Data\[profile]\Code Cache
  • C:\Users\Account name\AppData\Local\Yandex\YandexBrowser\User Data\[profile]\GPUCache\
  • C:\Users\Account name\AppData\Local\Yandex\YandexBrowser\User Data\[profile]\CacheStorage
  • C:\Users\Account name\AppData\Local\Yandex\YandexBrowser\User Data\[profile]\ScriptCache
  • [profile] – Profile 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Default


Please do not duplicate the paths


Account Names:

Question: Does it work for all profiles?


Portable If we are using Dropbox:

  • C:\Dropbox\portableApps\FirefoxElite\Data\profile\jumpListCache\
  • G:\Dropbox\portableApps\FirefoxElite\Data\profile\jumpListCache\

When we are using prgs:

  • C:\prgs\portableApps\FirefoxElite\Data\profile\jumpListCache\
  • G:\drive\prgs\portableapps\FirefoxElite\Data\profile\jumpListCache\
  • P:\SyncComp\prgs\portableApps\FirefoxElite\Data\profile\jumpListCache\


FirefoxGeorge missing

We do not use p for prgs

do not put dropbox, we are not using it again, keep it in the ini file for now

Different installations and profiles
c:\prgs\Firefox Georgec:\prgs\Firefox katMaybe Ccleaner knows on its where Profiles are:

Question: for normal profile or also for Portables


Profile and Installed

  • C:\Users\George\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Crash Reports
  • C:\Users\George\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\9ohp5cye.dev-edition-default\weave\logs\
  • C:\Users\George\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\h0gf63ix.dev-edition-default-1548180590527\weave\logs\
  • C:\Users\George\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\9ohp5cye.dev-edition-default\datareporting\
  • For all users: admin, george, user

Portable Apps

  • G:\Dropbox\portableApps\data\_roaming\GPUCache\
  • C:\prgs\portableApps\data\_roaming\GPUCache\
  • do same for all main folders
  • G:\Drive\prgs\portableApps\data\_roaming\GPUCache\



Video and Pics

Additional Application Data

  •  All the data from Vivaldi, Chrome (aka Yandex),


  • Windows Error Reporting
    DNS Cache NO
  • Desktop Shortcuts
  • WIndows Event Log
  • Old Prefetch Data
  • Menu Order Cache
  • Windows Size Location Cache
  • User Assist History
  • Wipe Free Space


Manual Deletion

 Delete Cache and similar on PortableApps: Manual Solution

  • Delete Dropbox Cache
  • c:\Dropbox\.dropbox.cache
  • H:\Sync\!Comp\DropboxBackup\Dropbox209105\.dropbox.cache
  • H:\Sync\!Comp\DropboxFull\.dropbox.cache
  • or use Windir Stat
  • Reference: https://help.dropbox.com/desktop-web/cache-folder
  • Delete all Files in the folder
  • –> Can be automated: CCleaner

Delete Browser Cache on PortableApps: Manual Solution

  • Make sure that Dropbox is indexed
  • close all browsers
  • Goto c:\dropbox\PortableApps
  • Search “cache”
  • Delete all content in the cache folders
  • –> Delete Cache Folder and similar for all applications
  • –> Can be automated: CCleaner

Delete Conflicted Files on portable Apps: Manual Solution

  • C:\Dropbox
  • Search “Conflict”
  • Backup Folders:
  • Full Dropbox:
  • H:\Sync\!Comp\Dropbox
  • (contains also Revo4 under additionalApps)
  • Dropbox (only Selection of Software)
  • remove conflicted inside PortableApps folder
  • Remove the files

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