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Video and Pics

Install New Server

In this video we will know more information about:

  • Server change
  • Transfer files
  • Process of syncing
  • Performance improvements
  • DNS changes

Our main requirements are fast CPU with at least 8 cores, at least 32GB of RAM and most important is NVME hard drives.

In the documentation below we can see that NVME disks are 5 times faster than SSD and more than 25 faster than HDD.

Unfortunately because of the new technology behind NVME, only a few hosting providers offers such a servers. We can choose between OVH and Hetzner. We choose Hetzner, because of lack of support in OVH. Hetzner offer only one server with Nvme. But it fits all other our requirements.

Different IPs

Have different IPs for the different sites.


We currently have only one IP address for all projects. It is
The rest IPs in hosts file are old.

We can buy additional IP addresses. 4eur per IP is the price. Installation is one hour for all.

Performance improvements

We did a update on the server software and hardware so we will have massive improve of performance now. Our system guy has set up a new configuration, which leads to very fast loading of the websites now.

I suggest to remove the Hyper-cache now. It is not needed anymore.


Which software?

We upgrade all of our core services –

  • PHP to last stable version,
  • NGINX to last version,
  • MYSQL to last version,
  • APACHE to last version.

Why suddenly so good?

The new softwares has massive improvements in the performance. We should upgrade more often.

Slow performance on all sites

1) The crons
2) All in one security (find a problem)
3) Bad Chinese bots

All of the things in the video are done on Austrian only.

Statistic with the issues:

1) About 6.6k per second to MySQL
2) About 60mb. per second MySQL traffic
3) CPU on 100% of its resource

Statistic after the issues:

1) About 2k per every 5 seconds to MySQL
2) About 10mb. per second MySQL traffic
3) CPU on 5% of its resource

Performance improvements:

  • Optimize images (sys guy)
  • Enable redis cache (sys guy)
  • Enable compression
  • Minify JavaScript & css files
  • Stop Page cache
  • Stop lazyload
  • Test disable different plugins and see the difference
  • Bad Chinese bots


Optimize Images

We use ImageMagic for optimizing the images.





A server cache, which helps better loading the site and fewer mysql queries.

What is redis?

Redis is a server cache, which cached all mysql requestin into RAM for a better performance.


Enable compression & Minify javascript & css files

We are using Google’s mod_pagespeed mod for this.


Confixx is the tool used at Netcup.

Confixx is a fee-based Web server distribution with configuration tool for web hosting deals. This makes it possible, for example, e-mail addresses on remote Web servers to manage domains, databases and the like in a simple manner, without having to rely on the operating system means.

Confixx is described together with Plesk as one of the great men of the profession [of hosting management software]
source German Wiki

Confixx provides a list of reseller, under each of them there are several clients.



Plesk allows a server administrator to set up new websites, reseller accounts, e-mail accounts, and DNS entries through a web-based interface.

has only one reseller with several clients. Hence in the following the word reseller is only relevant for confixx.


Vesta CP

More for Vesta CP here.



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